Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hey, Bloggy Voter Friends!

I did it! I just walked into the voting booth and cast my vote in the most historic election in the history of our nation! I wasn't prepared for the flooding of emotions I felt when I walked behind the curtain. I love when emotions take me by surprise. To have the opportunity to vote for either an African-American President, or a female Vice-President nearly brought tears to my eyes. There was also a moment of sadness when I missed seeing Hillary's name on the ballot. Unfortunately, I didn't vote for a female this time around, but hopefully I'll get that opportunity one day soon.

I decided to go to the polls early with Alan, so I could avoid long lines. I literally rolled out of bed, threw on a jacket and hat, and stumbled down the street. To my surprise, there was no line. We literally just gave our names and walked inside our booths. Let's hope this ease of entry is an indication of the time, rather than the actual turnout. GoObama!

I hope the results come in at a reasonable hour tonight. I heard on the news that if Obama pulls out a win in Virginia, which is an earlier closing poll, he will probably have a victory on his hands. You can't always trust those pundits, but I'll be keeping my eye on Virginia for sure. Pennsylvania is turning out to be a major factor in this race. The polls show a pretty tight gap between the two candidates. If McCain pulls a win in Virginia, and Pennsylvania, it will be hard to stop him. It could be a nail-biter!

I'd love to hear about your experiences at the voting booths. How did you feel when you cast your ballot? Either way your button pushes you would have made history. Were there long lines? Did you cry a little? I'd love to hear how it went for you. It's an extremely important election, which has been a long time a-comin'!

Get out there and Rock the Vote!

Love you all,

Joshua Hussein OMiddleton


Edro Edro said...

I had to wait about an hour to vote. I'm still feeling a mix of relief and anxiety. Relief that this tension is almost over, and anxiety that we silly Americans will somehow still screw this up. I'm very optimistic, but I won't breathe that sigh of relief until all the votes are counted!

Anonymous said...

Gary and I will vote around 6:30 when he gets home from work. Right now I have a cozy Election Day fire going. Warm cup of tea. Nice day. Hell, great day!!!!!!!!!

Rick Watson said...

Bill - a fireplace? how nice!

Well, I just voted! I wondered if it was going to happen at first! I lost my wallet with ID, etc... but finally found it buried in a box from the move!

I walked right in, signed the sheet, voted, and walked out. No wait at all! GoOBama!

Anonymous said...

No wait, no lines. (No people????) Am very tired from working on the house today (am having guests in a few weeks). So was too tired to be emotional! But there was some delay/confusion leaving the house, and I keep saying inside my head "I MUST vote for this president ....!" So maybe I was feeling more than I thought.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...