Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Long, Mama Afrika

Hey Bloggy Friends,

We lost a legend this week. Miriam Makeba, also known as "Mama Afrika," passed away Monday night at 76. Makeba was famous as a South African singer, who lent her celebrity to the anti-apartheid movement. Her extraordinary talents helped to spread the music of South Africa all across the world. She passed away Monday after collapsing on stage, while singing one of her most famous songs, "Pata, Pata." A spokesperson from her family noted she always said she would, "sing until the last day of my life."

I discovered Miriam Makeba while living in Chicago, after a friend of mine turned me on to World Music. When looking to build my collection, I naturally flocked toward the women of the genre. Makeba's name was among the first I discovered. I love her upbeat tunes that incorporate chants, unique instruments and other distinctive characteristics of the African music genre. When listening to Makeba, I can close my eyes and feel transported to a different place, and a different time. Her contributions to music and her cause will live forever on. Rest in Peace.

In honor of her life, I will send a cd to the first Bloggy Friend to comment.

Love, Josh

Here is a video of Makeba performing one of her most famous tunes, "Pata, Pata."


scareykatt said...

I have never hear of her before.

I don't think I ever listen to her music either.

I'm listening Pata Pata on youtube right now.

Please pass her CD to the SECOND bloggy friend.

I'm not into that music.

I like dance music better.

Rick Watson said...

Her soul lives on... in honor of Miriam Makeba... I'd be honored to have a copy of her CD!

Anonymous said...

I love your little contests. I love your taste in music. I love you!

Hee-hee. Seriously, when did you start becoming such a serious collector?

We listened to Eryka Badu tonight. I was hearing it for the first time (I like Glenn Miller and Art Tatum, OK?). I wish I had never heard it b/c I cannot believe how much the late Amy Winehouse ripped off of her (Badu). I had no idea. I wish I had never known.

Casey said...

I wasnt familiar with her work until Monday, but I'm glad to hear that she passed away on stage. I heard she wanted it that way.

The life she lived is (I'm sure) unimaginable to most of us.

I'm certain she had a special place awaiting.