Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Ketchup.

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Boy, I feel like I've been away forever. The past week was an emotional/crazy week for me. The weekend couldn't have come soon enough. Now I find myself on the other side of it. Can you believe I have been in school for six weeks now? I can't. This means my semester is nearly half over. As you know, this also means I'm at the place when mid-terms approach, and paper deadlines start to pile up. So far I haven't been faced with too much work, but that's all about to change real quick. Bring it on! Easily, please.

Did you see the VP debate on Thursday? My verdict on the outcome is probably similar to most of yours. Palin did much better than expected, but Biden came out as the clear winner. I have to say, I was much more "entertained" by this debate than the last one between Obama and McCain. My biggest complaint, however, was the part of the evening when both candidates firmly declared their opposition to legalizing gay marriage. There was a part of me that asked, "what am I supposed to be excited about?" Is it so the living conditions of heterosexuals, with actual rights, will be improved with the election of our new President? What about my rights? What about our rights, ya'll? Sure the democrats promise improvements that will greatly affect all of us, but what is the use of those things if we are denied fundamental rights as citizens? I think it's bullshit to be honest. I would really like to see a candidate get on the stage, with a pair of balls, and take a stance on equal rights for everyone. I think it's time we stop sitting on the sidelines hoping for change to come. No amount of tolerance was ever gained by minorities who sat and waited for things to happen. We need to stand up and take action. It's completely unfair. The Constitution promises all American citizens the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - not just those who are conveniently attracted to the opposite sex. How can we fix this? I've come up with a plan. All gays, and those who support true equality, should sit out the election. That's right, completely pull out. We should stand up and say we refuse to vote for candidates who do not speak for us. Once we do that, both sides will be clamoring for the gay vote - just like they both instantly became huge fans of Hillary. What do ya say? Wanna take a stand?

I know, it's a completely hypothetical situation, but it may take a similar sort of action to bring about a change for us. We deserve it, ya'll.

And that is what you call a rant!

I'm now left with little space to talk about our weekend, so I'll try to sum it up rather quickly. It was nice! Friday we went to see Julianne Moore's new movie BLINDNESS. This was an Alan pick, and I really liked it. If you're having a hard time deciding on a movie at your local video store, and you pass this one on the shelf - pick it up.

Saturday was completely spontaneous. What began as a trip to Main Street Manayunk turned into a "why don't we hop the next train downtown." So we did, and we had such an enjoyable afternoon. We went to Reading Terminal for fresh squeezed juice, we shopped on Walnut for tea pots and hair products and browsed a street fair promoting local businesses. Later, we met up with friends, Tim and Sarah, for a delicious Thai dinner, then went to see another movie - RELIGULOUS. Religulous is a documentary produced by Bill Maher. He travels about the world questioning the beliefs of various religious fanatics. There were parts that were entertaining, but I honestly felt it was a little blasphemous. I guess my southern Baptist roots crept up, because I left feeling rather guilty. To top it off, we had a near collision in our cab, from the theater to the train station. Our driver almost rammed a car in front of us, but avoided it by swerving sharply to the right. We ended up parked on the sidewalk! We were both about to freak out. Don't go see this movie!

Today (Sunday) we did our usual chores. We went to the grocery, picked up some pet food and have been chillin' around the house all afternoon. I hear Alan preparing our traditional Salmy Sunday dinner, so I guess I should run down and offer some help - which he'll refuse - because he's smart - and I'm completely fine with that :).

Have a great night, Bloggy Friends. I hope you have a great week.

Love you much,

Picture Title: "Just 'cause we don't care to tie the knot, don't mean we shouldn't be able to. Shit."


Rick Watson said...

Gawd! Back in a BIG way! Glad you're blogging again!

First of all, the gay marriage thing... Don't they want to give us all the rights as hetero married couples, but it's just they don't want to change the definition of marriage from man/woman. What do we want to call it? Civil Union? Noooo, I think we should call it marriage! Maybe Gay Marriage? Then there would need to be a Straight Marriage. It's all so riduculous. Marriage is marriage! I don't care the sex and all the same rights should be in balance for any kind of marriage whether it's hetero or homo or whatever!

Anyway... it appears you didn't get to see Tim during his Philly stop. Is he still in Philly? Tim Riggs that is.

Girl I have some Southern Baptist roots too, but I dismissed those decades ago!

Mmmmm. salmy Sunday! I wish I was there to dine with you and all the family!

Casey said...

Feel better to get that off your chest? hehe...

Unfortunately, there has never been a presidential ticket of either of the 2 major parties who've supported the GLBT community like we all wish. Hillary wouldnt have done it either. It sucks, but we'll have to continue to push for total equality.

It is amazing how long it takes for basic rights to be realized for some (civil rights for blacks, voting rights for women, etc).

My two cents is that I'm going to vote b/c there are many other issues to consider. Also, we do have a choice when it comes time to go/or not to the ballot box, so everyone can decide what's the best decision in their mind. :)

Oh, about Religulous, I saw Bill Maher on The View this past week and that was enough to keep me away from the theater. He doesnt value other peoples ideas. If he doesnt believe in something someone else does, they're automatically an idiot. I guess that's his whole shtick though.

Anonymous said...

So why don't you care to tie the knot with that perfect boy of yours (readers, note that this is the first time I have ever gushed over Alan ... but, you know, it was a struggle suppressing it all these months). Just a hypodermical, hon. I know you are doing just fine as y'all are. "As you were, men."

NO, I am not that druink right now.

Josh, I'm sorry I phoned it in about Andrew. You know, I think I have cried and suffered so much with death and loss in my life since the year 2000 that it has made me, well, I don't know what I mean. I lost my brother in 2000 (lung cancer ... he was 55), I lost my mother (my life almost ended then), I lost my uncle (and best friend), I lost a dear friend (to AIDS) last summer. I'm griefed out gurl. I'm numb, mute. I'm the G.D. Sultan of Sad.

You know I love your ass and I felt for you when you lost your friend. God, I love what Gary wrote to you. Geez. He talks to you! (He's kind of the silent type on the domestic front.)

Well! I'm walkin' around the house imitatin' Sarah Palin'. Hey ... there's no "g" on the end of her last name, either! NO WONDER!

Lovin' your bony ass. Livin' it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Josh,

You and Allan look great ! It's been over a year since you left
Casa Dolores, and I read in one of your blogs your landlord is showing your apartment. Are you moving again?? Send my your new address so I can send a Christmas card. From your shots of your apartment looks like you have a nice huge kitchen and you mention that Allan is the "cook"?

Do you really want to buckle under for BAMA........believe me he wouldn't vote for you ! Now Hillary ( and Bill and Chelsea ) put herself out there .......the only Candidate to go to GAY Bars and pose with Josh
and every Tom & Dick in the Clubs.
I love the pictures. So I know she would have stood out much more for "Gay Rights" but remember you already have Common Law marriage which was recognized in Connecticut years ago (my Native land).....after 7 years of
cohabitating. I thought you would have recognized Sarah's down to earth personality .......and there's nothing wrong with a good looking family (many of the male politicians have 4 kids, etc. but most hide their wives). There's a hint of sexism from the left and that's kinda hypocracy. They make fun of Sarah's skirts as much as Hillary's pantsuits !!

So nice of you to memorialize your Friend Andrew. We never really know how people remember us.....remind me to send you something I wrote.

Did you get the latest joke from my list?