Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Short & Sweet: Celebrating Andrew

Hey, Bloggy Friends.

I come to you under unfortunate circumstances this evening. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this on the blog, but it is a part of my life that I wanted you to know.

I learned last night that I lost a dear friend from my past. His name was Andrew. He passed away earlier this week due to complications from a ruptured brain aneurysm. He recently turned 30 years old.

Andrew and I met when I was living in Louisville in 2001. For a while we spent a great deal of time together. He was such a fascinating person. A little intense. But that's what intrigued me. He loved coffee, Bob Dylan and Jesus. He worked the late shift at UPS. He would go to work around 11 p.m., and not get home until 4 or 5 a.m. Some nights he would come by my place after work to sleep until I awoke for work. He played several instruments, and made a ton of music in his band. He experimented a lot with sounds, and created very interesting stuff. I still have two cd's he made for me. Some nights he would play his guitar, while I sang the words to a song he had written. He hated when I tried to put an R&B spin on it. He gave me a cat once. I named her Whitney. She drove me so crazy that I opened the window so she could get out. I still feel guilty about that. We took a road trip to St. Louis once. We visited the free zoo. That's the weekend I became a vegetarian. We watched movies, listened to John and Yoko, and talked and talked and talked and talked. This is where I am today. I'm allowing every possible memory I have of him to flood into my mind. Some I think of often, some I haven't recalled in years.

I'm okay, but I hurt more than I thought I would. We haven't been in touch, regularly, for several years. The last time I actually saw him was three years ago. It was a late, spring evening in Louisville. We hugged. Said goodbye. Wished each other well. I'm hurting now, because there's no chance to see him again. I realize now that I found comfort in just knowing he was there. I've learned now that's not always enough. I miss him. I will forever miss him.

Will you take a minute with me tonight, Bloggy Friends, to cast a thought into the universe for this incredible life. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it, during the very short time he was here. Andrew has carved a place into my heart that will never be filled again. His memory will last in the minds of all who knew, and were completely in awe of his existence. Tonight I celebrate him.

Have a wonderful night, Bloggy Friends. I love you all.


Andrew M. Shorter
SHORTER, ANDREW M., 30, of Louisville, went to be with his heavenly Father Monday, September 29, 2008. He was a kind soul who was loved by many. He was a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church, ten year employee of UPS, and had a great love of music. He is survived by his mother, Karen M. Shorter; father Michael A. Shorter; two sisters, Sandi Sanderlin (Mark); Jennifer Lee; and niece, Madison Lee. He is also survived by close friends Aaron, Maureen, Neal, Nick, and many others. Funeral service will be 10 a.m. Friday, October 3, 2008 at Our Savior Lutheran Church, 8305 Nottingham Parkway with burial to follow in Middletown Cemetery. Visitation will be 3-9 p.m. Thursday at Pearson - Ratterman Funeral Home, 12900 Shelbyville Road. Memorial contributions may go to Our Savior Lutheran School or the Baptist East Hospital Foundation.


Rick Watson said...


As you know, I've met Andrew only a few times, but his passing has really affected me. I suppose because of how close he was to you and Jake (two of my closest friends). I guess I sort of feel your pain too.

I offer my condolences to you, Andrew's family and friends. What an unfortunate loss of such a young life. I'm still in shock over it.

Life is a very fragile and unpredictable thing. We never really know what's just around the corner. All the more reason to live it at its fullest and live it in the moment!

btw... thanks for calling to talk about it. It's very therapeutic to share your thoughts with others as you process these kind of events.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Josh. Your memories paint a really interesting picture of him.

Anonymous said...

hi josh
i am sorry for your loss he sounds like a great person

Casey said...

I think it's so great that he made that kind of impact on you and surely so many others. I feel that a true test of a great person is when someone makes such an impression on others.

Life is so precious, and it's easy for "us" to forget that. We should remember to live every day positively. Cliches or not, every day REALLY is a gift.

I love you too, Bloggy Josh, & will keep you and his family & friends in my thoughts/prayers.

TrainingtoTri said...

Oh that is so sad. I am so sorry to know such a life was cut short. I will say a little prayer for him and his family. Hopefully he's up there hanging with Bob Dylan today.

gleeindc said...

I am sorry for your loss. Important people who come into our lives really don't ever leave. I lost a lover to the aftermath of a brain aneurysm in the 1990s, when he was in his mid-thirties. Even though it had devolved from a relationship to a relationshit, the loss of the person I first got to know was difficult (even if that loss started long before the physical condition that separated us). I think of Andrew Holleran's comments on grief:
"Because grief is what you hae after someone you love dies. It's the only thing left of that person. Your love for, your missing them. And as long as you have that, you're not alone--you have them. . . . Your grief is the substitute for their presence on earth. Your grief is their presence on earth." (Grief A Novel)

josh said...

I worked with Andrew at UPS from 2000-2002. I believe we dubbed you Josh #5. I spent damn near every day with him and the folks of the Blue yellow 3. It was a time of growth for me and Andrew was a huge part. He as continued to effect my life every day scince. I moved on to make bigger things of my self and his influence is there. I to haven't had contact with him for a few years. His death has still come as a great shock. I didn't want to believe it. I take solice in the fact that I will spread his good nature to everyone I meet. I can still listen to his music. And I know that he now sharing cardigan sweaters with his hero Mr Rogers.

Karen822 said...

As Mother's Day approaches, my loss is harder than ever. Andy was my son - he was a wonderful son, brother and uncle. He is missed by all of us. I googled his name and your kind comments came up. Thank you for all the positive comments. You need to let people know that he lives on. Not only was he a Christian, he was a hero and a giving person. His organs were donated and there are 8 people who have his kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and corneas. We all miss him more than words can say.
Karen - Andy's mom

Jenni said...

This popped up as I was searching for something about Sandi online. It's hard now, with both Sandi and Andy/Andrew gone.

Josh Middleton said...

I hadn't heard that Sandi passed. So sorry to hear that.