Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Update

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

I hope you have all had a great weekend. Ours has been pretty eventful. The weekends mean SO much more to me, now that I am back in school. Lately, by the end of the week, I am completely spent. I haven't fully adapted to spending five, full days on campus. It's not that I have to wake up any earlier than before, but the constant "on the go" mentality can be pretty exhausting. Can I get a "preach it, sister?" Anyways, the full week didn't keep us from getting out to have a fabulous weekend with friends.

Friday night, after a cat-nap, Alan and I wend to Old City to meet our friends Kaushik and Kaushiki for dinner at Cuba Libre. We have known Kaushik since we lived in San Francisco. He and Alan were in the same lab at UCSF. We met Kaushiki not long after we moved to Philadelphia. They were recently married in India, where both of their families live. The pictures I saw of the traditional, highly ornamental ceremony are the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. Besides the fact that they are a ravishingly stunning couple, the setting of their ceremony was breath-taking. It lasted several days and they followed every Indian tradition, step by step. It is fascinating to hear them talk about the things they went through. I believe I must have spent three-quarters of the evening asking them questions! If you are interested, you can click HERE to check out some pictures.

After dinner we headed down the street to a bar, whose name escapes me. We had a few drinks and spent an hour or so dancing. it was a lot of fun. I haven't been out dancing since I went to Montreal a few months back. It was so great to spend some time with them. Kaushiki actually lives in Columbus, OH at the moment. She is in grad school there, and hopes to transfer to a school in Philadelphia within the next year. I hope everything goes well in that transition. Not only would it be a lot easier for her and Kaushik, but I'd love to have her near. She's a ton of fun!

Saturday Alan and I spent the afternoon in Manayunk. We talked politics over cappuccino's at La Colombeand browsed some local stores for knick-knacks. The weather was great. We really enjoyed ourselves.

In the evening we drove to Wilmington to spend some time with our friends Kelly and Ed. Kelly's birthday is coming up, so we celebrated with a spaghetti dinner and cupcakes. After dinner we went out in search of a karaoke bar, but what we found was so sketchy we decided to call it quits all-together! It's always a pleasure to spend time with Kelly and Ed. They are doing really well in Wilmington. If you'll remember, they recently moved there from the bay area. I look forward to having them visit Philadephia in the near future. Click HERE for pictures of our evening together.

Today is the day we are taking it easy. We had to venture out for groceries in the early part of the afternoon, but now we are laying back, sipping wine and trying to keep the pets from killing one another. Galileo just won't leave those girls alone! I think I just heard Alan open the oven, which means we'll be enjoying our traditional salmy Sunday soon. It's a good thing, because my stomach just started to rumble! I have a few quick things to do in preparation for my coming school week, but other than that I'm free as a bird for the remainder of the evening.

I hope your Sunday is exactly what you hoped it would be and I hope your week brings a flood of smiles and good fortune. I'll talk to you soon!

Love, Joshua


Rick Watson said...

What a nice looking Indian couple. They remind me of my former boss at the Presbyterian Center. They are Indian, she's gorgeous and he's okay. Your friend is much more handsome than my former boss.

Wilimington.. I need to study my map, but is that DE? You live that close to so many state lines?

You scared me when you said you heard Alan opening the oven door! I had a horrible thought come to mind! Since the children were giving you so much trouble, I thought you were gonna say he was getting ready to put the kitties in the oven and turn it on!!! I know that's horrible even to think, but someone recently microwaved a kitty in the news! Can you even believe some one could be so mean! Anyway... forgot those bad thoughts. Think good ones! Enjoy your salmy evening! My new IKEA sofa is looking so fresh and new! I'm excited!

Later bitch!


Anonymous said...

SALMY SUNDAY!!!!! Time-Warp Tuesday.

I am a justjoshfunk1 addict.

(Oh, uh, thanks Rick for the kitty story ... if I get een MORE drunk tonight, consider it your fault.)

Casey said...

Glad you had such a fantastic weekend. It does sound action packed!

Hope your week back to school goes swell!!!