Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank You For Being A Friend..

Hey, Bloggy Friends.

My heart is a little saddened today with the passing of Estelle Getty. She passed away this morning, at the age of 84, at her home in Los Angeles. Most of us, including me, know her as the saucy, "Sophia," from the tv sitcom the Golden Girls. This is one of my favorite television shows of all time. She undoubtedly brought a great deal of laughter into my life, and that is something I am always thankful for. I remember watching the Golden Girls, with my grandmother, as a child. Sophia was her favorite character because of her brash humor, and knack for outlandish storytelling. I loved her because she farted and admitted it. I'm always up for a good fart joke, ya'll. And forget the cheesecake, I remember wishing I could taste some of those delicious italian entrees she'd whip up in that kitchen. I'm sure there wasn't a thing going on in that oven, but it sure sounded divine!

Estelle Getty spent her life entertaining people, and off-screen she lent her time to the prevention and cure of HIV/AIDS in the gay community. She is a shining star, that the world will surely miss. I honor her life today.

Your Pal & Confidant,



Rick Watson said...

Ohhh, how sad....

I was just thinking of her Saturday night. Betty White was on the Tonight Show stepping in for an impromptu cameo appearance. I thought of how good all the ladies were doing, except or Sophia. Sophia will always be in our lives as there are tons and tons of GG footage out there to enjoy!

We'll miss you Sophia! Thank you for being a friend!


Anonymous said...

Oh. Thanks. I didn't know. Also didn't know about her specific charitable work. Wow.

I was never sure what her age range was compared to the three "girls," who were all roughly the same age. In fact, I thought Estelle had been made up to look older but was in fact younger. Confusing!

I hate when people die.

Casey said...

Thanks for being a friend, Sophia, indeed! I too remember watching or talking about that show with my paternal grandmother (who passed away herself 17 years ago). Funny that I was the only grandchild she would talk to about that show. It was funny.

Sad as I am to hear this news, I'm thankful she is in a better place. I'm sure the past few years have been hard for her & her family.

Shady Pines, ma... SHADY PINES!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to hear that! Here is another site you might look at and share with friends. It is her official fan site.
Have a great day!

TrainingtoTri said...

Ooooh I was so sad when I read this news too. LIfetime is playing all day golden girls on July 25th as a tribute. I always loved that show.

Rick Watson said...

Actually, Estelle was only 2 years older than Rhue. She was just made up to look much older. I think naturally she did look older though.

So, Bill you were right!