Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Puppy Progress, Weeks 2 & 3

Hello. Hey, Bloggy Friends!

It's been a little while since I have written a puppy update blog. I wrote the last one while feeling a little frustrated with one too many poops and pees in our house! Since then, Galileo has been doing so much better. Maybe he read the blog and thought he ought to give the training thing some extra effort! He still makes an occasional mess in the house, but it is definitely looking on the up and up. He nearly always waits to pee outside, which is great. He hasn't quite learned how to tell us he needs to go out yet, we just have to stay on top of the game and take him out every half hour or so. For some reason the poopsies are a little different. He hasn't quite equated poops with outside yet. If we take him out and he goes, then it's great, but he still scurries to a corner of the house when he gets the urge to go. We'll keep working on it. I definitely feel a ton better than I did when I wrote the last post about training nightmares! I'm so proud of the progress he...um.... we have made.

He has also started to take to his cage very well. Just like the books said, he heads in that direction whenever he wants to nap or get away from the clawing kitties. We have also learned to utilize the backyard whenever we need a little break from his almost incessant whines for attention.

He has been getting along with Mary Todd and Abigail somewhat better (or should I say it's the other way around). They are definitely lingering around longer when he scurries over to them. Most of the time they take off after a few nips and barks, but sometimes they stay to take a swipe at him with their paws. I've even noticed the cats bringing toys around so they can watch Galileo play with them. That's probably not exactly what their doing, but it's how I like to look at it! I can see them becoming better friends soon, mostly when he gets a little older and looses some of that crazy energy!

So, things are going well here in the Sugar home. We have all began adjusting to the new addition, and now we are just trying to readjust to this sweltering heatwave that has hit Philadelphia. I forgot what heat like this felt like, after being in San Francisco for nearly four years. I grew up in humid weather conditions, but I don't remember it being quite like this. Maybe it's because we are in a city surrounded by concrete, or maybe we are experiencing a little bit of that global warming we've been hearing so much about. We did come across two air conditioners yesterday, so never fear Bloggy Friends, if you want to come visit, your room will be cool as a cucumber!

I hope you all have a great day. I am including a short video clip of Galileo playing around with Mary Todd one day last week. They are such cuties!

Love you all,



Casey said...

Glad to hear things are on the up & up with the young'un...

that video clip was hilarious. You can tell she kinda likes him... but aint having none of his crazy puppy attitude.

Cute cute cute.

Rick Watson said...

I was reading a book today on potty training your little puppy. It mentioned spreading paper all over the floor. Eventually he will find his favorite poop spot. Then, at that point, every poop he does, keep the paper and continue to stack the poop papers on top of one another in one spot, gradually clearing the floor, to create a nice potent area for him to relate to and go back to each time. This is paper training of course. You have that great back porch! I would use it for that. But if you have no intention of paper training, then....???

Good luck girl!

I miss you Galileo!!!!

Rick Watson said...

awwww! he almost did happy feet!

Anonymous said...

What the goal of paper training? How do you eventually get him to go ouside?

Glad things are going better, esp. with the crate. I felt HORRIBLE when you said that he cried all night long from the crate!!!!

Wash DC is having severe electrical storms right now. I shouldn't even have the computer on (but I am booooored). I mae videos of the lightning.

Edro Edro said...

Congrats on the progress... the little guy is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh,

Galileo is smaller than the CAT !! Hopefully he'll grow bigger
than the cat. Or is there a Mouse in the House that's bigger than the Cat?

What kind of Dog is Galileo?

OK, just some San Francisco crazyness. You're not kidding it's been in the 50's no summer here (OK a day here and there)
Your Casa D Neighbor #311