Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making New Friends in NC!

Good Afternoon/Morning/Evening, Bloggy Friends!

Yesterday, here in North Carolina, Michael took us to Chatham County to meet some of his relatives. He has two sisters who live here, Trish and Jessica. Trish is recently wed. She and her husband, Eric, own a beautiful new home in Chatham County, so they had us over for dinner and good times. Before dinner we all loaded up for a ten minute drive to nearby Jordan Lake. They had recently found a nice spot to lounge and swim, so they wanted to share it with us. When we arrived someone had already scouted out their territory so we headed down shore a bit to find another spot. I was excited about going to the lake, but once I got there I had different feelings. There were lots of weeds, thorny branches and I just couldn't let myself get in the water. I grew up accustomed to the mud and muck of the country, but I guess I lost a little bit of that along the way. I made it out about two feet in the water before my mind got the best of me. I began to think of snakes hidden in the gooey lake bottom. Luckily it started to rain soon after we arrived, so everyone wanted to go back home.

Michael and his sisters definitely inherited a hospitality gene somewhere along the way. They are all so generous, kind and not to mention great in the kitchen. They cut up watermelon, cucumbers, celery, and had hummus dip and pita for us to snack on beforehand. For dinner Eric grilled steaks for the carnivores among us, while Jess and Trish created a most delightful soy chicken salad. It was delicious! I also enjoyed new potatoes, a fresh garden salad and mouthwatering, buttery corn on the cob!

Galileo enjoyed himself quite a bit too. Among the six of us there were five dogs, who once again all outweighed Galileo by huge amounts. The largest of the bunch was a Great Dane named Daisy, who weighed 110 lbs. She's rather small for a Great Dane, but compare that to Galileo's whopping 2.9 lbs! It was funny to see them side by side. He does so well with other people and dogs. I am so proud of him.

We stayed around there will around 10 before we headed home. I really can't say enough for their generosity. They welcomed us into their home with open arms. They made us feel so welcome, and just like three of the family. At times the kindness of others completely overwhelms me. Michael and his family are truly blessed, and I feel thankful to have at least crossed their paths.

I hope you all have a great day. We are about to pack up and head to the second leg of our trip - Asheville! Everyone wish Mimi a safe, fun trip to Saskatchwan, Canada. He leaves for another work trip, and just may be blogging about it! Talk to ya soon.

Love you all!



Anonymous said...

I'm emailing you the long version of my story of (not) swimming in the lake in Maine. All I can say is ... you were right to stay out of that mess!

Cute doggie pictures!

Casey said...

I love love love these photos... sounds like all the dogs were in a calm, submissive state (you have to watch Dog Whisperer to understand that comment) and did well as a pack.

I'm so glad you are having such a good time.

I laughed out loud about the lake thing... I grew up going to the lake and that nasty muddy water, but there is no way in the world I would touch the bottom like that again. I've been out with friends at the lake (on a boat) and we got in the water, and it was so shallow... but I contracted my legs so much so as not to touch the bottom... I hate it... and dont enjoy water that I cant see through.

Edro Edro said...

Maybe they can take the Garrard County out of the boy? -- at least the parts that require dealing with ickiness and creepy crawlies =)