Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carrboro and Beyond

Hello, Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Well, the fun continues here in Carrboro! Yesterday we had an explorative, relaxing afternoon. Alan and I woke up hours before everyone else, so we took our little Galileo out for a nice morning walk. We walked around a few of the surrounding neighborhoods, and then to Weaver Street Market for breakfast. We sat out in the courtyard amongst the beautiful locals. I really am so impressed by the people here. They are so hip and in the know. I really feel like I am staying in a neighborhood in San Francisco. It's great, ya'll!

After breakfast we walked back home to find Michael and Jeremy awake. We leisurely got ourselves ready and took a trip to Raleigh to check out a new city in the area. Unfortunately, I can't say I was too impressed by it. We had the hardest time finding a nice place to have lunch, and it seemed like the whole town was basically shut down. It was nice to spend time in North Carolina's capital, though. We saw the original capital building, and some other interesting architecture. We also found a cute antique/thrift store where I tried on a pair of neon green speedos - watch out!

After our romp through Raleigh we returned to Chapel Hill to have dinner at Sage Cafe. I did some research before coming and found out about this hip, vegetarian restaurant. I was excited to try it out, and my taste buds were not disappointed. It was a very cute place. The ambiance was very chill, the colors were dark and warm, and they had Thievery Corporation playing overhead. It was a great time and our Indian-inspired, vegetarian meals were scrumptious!

Later, we walked over to the main drag in Chapel Hill, Franklin Street, which runs parallel to the UNC campus. Here we found a never-ending stretch of swanky bars, cool eateries and several funky clothing stores. We stopped at a really stylish bar called The Lantern where we sipped on one of their specialty drinks called, Hibiscus Petals. This refreshing drink consisted of hibiscus vodka, lime juice, and basil. It was yum, yum, give me some!

We returned home to take Galileo out for a late night walk. We thought it was wise to tire him out some before bed, so he would sleep through the night. One of the most rewarding experiences of our trip so far, is to be spending so much time with Galileo. While home we both have work schedules that keep us away from him throughout most days. I can tell that he is really enjoying our full, undivided attention to him while we are here. He is the most precious thing ever. I have fallen more in love with him over the past few days than I ever thought imaginable. I'm so thankful he is a part of our lives. We're quite a little team!

I hope you guys have a wonderful afternoon. Happy Saturday!!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Sounds like Galileo is having quite a vacation... glad you are having some good bonding time.

Sucks about Raleigh, but I'm so happy you all are having such a good time and that it's much more eclectic than what one would imagine about NC or Tennessee for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I think this Carrboro blog might be the best bloggy thing you've ever done. I'm enjoying it so much it's like I'm there. I'm so impressed that you guys (and puppy) just go to this kind of out-of-the-way place and manage to have such a perfect time. Kudos to you for making happiness wherever you go.

And thank God about Galileo. See?! I told you you'd make a fabulous dog person.

I love those "drinks" photos. The Hibiscus Petals cocktail sounds delicious (and I hate vodka). The photo of Alan looking through the Chardonnay glass is now my desktop image. How madcap darling!

Who's Miss Pussy (in the photos)?