Thursday, May 22, 2008

Saving the World One Bottle at a Time

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Who wants to save the earth? I do, I do!

I am constantly trying to look for new ways in which I can contribute to the betterment of our beautiful planet. I realize I have a long way to go, but every little stride makes a huge difference.

Our newest save-the-world venture involves ditching all of those plastic water bottles we buy at the grocery every week, for a single aluminum one. By the end of each week we find our recycle bin full of empty plastic bottles. That just seemed excessive, even though they were getting recycled.

"In 2003, about 40 million bottles a day went into the trash, or even more unfortunately became litter. These billions of bottles take up valuable landfill space, leak toxic additives into the groundwater and take a whopping 1,000 years to biodegrade, if ever" (SOURCE).

There are also studies out showing plastic bottles can actually be bad for our health. By drinking out of plastic bottles, and especially reusing them, we are taking in many of the chemicals that were used to manufacture them. There is an educational video for more information on this subject!

By buying an aluminum bottle we are doing our part in decreasing the mass production of expensive, plastic bottles. Aluminum bottles are sleek, stylish and can fit in your bag just as easily as those plastic ones. They are definitely more expensive than buying a Dasani at 7-11, but once you fill it up two or three times it totally pays for itself!

Think about getting a sexy, aluminum bottle for yourselves, Bloggy Friends, all the cool kids are doing it! If we each do our part to eliminate all this excess, we will make huge strides in maintaining a healthy and vibrant planet. Go earth!

Have a great day.

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Good for you, gurl! I'm all about recycling too, but the aluminum water bottle is a good idea.

I actually brought a plastic bottle home today from the office to recylce instead of tossing it. Sadly, our office doesnt recycle.

Anonymous said...

"All the cool kids are doing it ..." You're so much fun!

OK, I'll ask the cheerleader-mentality question: What beverages besides your own tap water are available for fill-up into a personal aluminum container?

I mean, can you say "Filler-up with Diet Snapple, please!"

In a world gone by, I'll bet this is what people did. Happier, better times. (Except for the plague, and the 7-day work week.)

Anonymous said...

OMG that sound so sarcastic! I wasn't being sarcastic about the past. Atually, I think it was probably such a great way to live when people could order things like beverages and various foods and supplies and have their own containers (and to order the quantity they wanted/needed). I really believe that many years ago that's how business was conducted.

Now nothing comes without its own container.

Edro Edro said...

Okay, Mammy, but only because you asked so nicely. =)

TrainingtoTri said...

I keep meaning to pick up some of these!!! Thanks for the reminder.