Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Political News: Thank You, Kentucky!

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Yesterday the democratic Presidential primary was held in Kentucky. Hillary won it with a resounding thirty-five point victory! With only two weeks left in the primary race, Hillary is hanging on, saying she still sees a pathway to the nomination. As I said before, I'm hanging in as long as she does!

I think it really says something that, even after she has been practically counted out, she is still commanding serious turnout in all of the recent primaries. I'm still holding my breath for a dream ticket. I realize this is nearly as likely as Hillary winning the nomination, but a fellow can dream can't he? I believe together they would kick John McCain's hairy, white ass! That was vulgar!

In primaries held in Oregon, Obama took the lead with sixteen points. This was also an expected win for him. He has won many of Oregon's surrounding states and even the areas of California on the Oregon border. There are three more primaries to go before the process wraps up - Montana, Puerto Rico and South Dakota. I'm going to predict he will win Montana and South Dakota by a margin of at most 15. She will win Puerto Rico by the about the same. We'll see if I'm right!

I hope you're having a fantastic day. It is gorgeous in Philly. Galileo is doing great, he is such a little charmer. We started house training him yesterday. It wasn't the best day to start. It was raining out, so we were both miserable as we stood there waiting for him to "go potty." I've taken some puppy advice from a few friends, so we are going to hang in there and be patient with him. If any of you (Bloggy Friend Bill) have any house training suggestions, I'm all ears!

Have a great day.

Love, Josh


TrainingtoTri said...

I saw that Bill Clinton was in Danville this weekend. I wish I had known, I might have taken a trip home to check it out.

Anonymous said...


Rain is the worst. Even after he's trained he'll try to avoid going out on rainy days.

If you're both away during the day, you'll really need to crate train him. Buy a crate that will accommodate him after a few months' growth but that will not be too roomy, otherwise he'll use a corner of it. Sounds kind of cruel but isn't b/c dogs love dens. We no longer have crates here and the dogs actually MISS them.

If you'll be home for the next 6 weeks during the day, you might skip the crate. Then just be patient, be alert to signs (sniffing the ground, restlessness, wandering, "searching") and nab the boy just before the big moment. Whisk him outside.

I know, I'm a potty mouth.

Anonymous said...

Plus, buy something called "100% Beef Liver Treats." They are freeze dried liver squares that come in this round plastic container that looks like an ice cream container. When the process finally goes perfectly, reward him generously.

Edro Edro said...

We tried not to let Kendall out of our sight if she wasn't in her kennel. That way she couldn't sneak off and surprise us with a puddle.

We also took her out constantly (every two hours or so), so that she caught on to the idea pretty quickly.

She was really easy to train. Hopefully you'll have the same luck with little G. =)

Casey said...

Good luck with the potty training! I agree with the crate thing. Our friends who have "Molly the Boston" crate her at night & when they are gone. She loves her room.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the crate 100%. I also think once he is completed trained you can let him be free. That's my opinion! Some dogs don't always need to continuously (sp?) be in a crate. I also sent you some other training ideas on myspace.


Rick Watson said...

Yes, Hillary rocked it out in KY! However, in Lexington and Louisville, she lost! What did you think about that? I thought it was interesting!

It would be awesome if you could potty train the baby to go inside on paper! or would that be nasty?