Monday, April 14, 2008

Homecoming Cousin!

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

My cousin, Whitney, competed this weekend in the Miss Kentucky Homecoming Queen Pageant. I blogged this past fall about her winning Homecoming Queen at my alma mater, Garrard County High School. This particular pageant rounds up all the queens across Kentucky to pick one lady who will represent the whole state. Kentucky is one of those huge pageant places. They can find a reason to crown and sash a girl out of any occasion! Anyways....

She did really well, and looked very beautiful. She didn't take home the top crown, but she did get Third Runner-Up, which is a pretty big deal. I think she will walk away with some scholarships and stuff like that, so she ain't complaining!

Whitney is Robin's daughter, my aunt who's having a birthday today. She is a senior in high school and has big plans for college in the fall. Join me in congratulating her. I am very proud!

Love you all,


Here she is pictured with her sister, Chelsea and my Mom, Kim.


Casey said...

Who doesnt love pageants? :) 3rd runner up with scholarship stuff is always nice... and who knows what sort of scandals the people in front of her may encounter.

She still may become Miss Kentucky yet!

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous. And nice to see a nice close-up of your mom. Trying to see yer face in her. I love this stuff.

Rick said...

congrats whit! work that crown!