Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gettin' "Fixed!"

Hey Bloggy Friends!

Well, the time came for Abigail and Mary Todd to be spayed. We waited until they were about six months old before we took them in. I've been nervous about it for months, but we feel that it is definitely the best thing for their well-being.

We have a wonderful veterinarian on Main Street Manayunk, named Dr. Simpson. He has administered their shots and given them check-ups over the past few months - so we felt the kittens would be very safe in his hands. He really is such a nice, gentle man.

Today's video is all about our/their experience getting "fixed." It was a pitiful sight when they were all finished. They were completely dead to the world. I won't say too much though, you can check the video and see for yourselves! Feel free to share your stories about having pets spayed or neutered. I'm sure Bloggy Friend Bill has a ton of experiences! You should see all the animals he and Gary have!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow officially marks the last day of my Spring Break. I'll be hitting the campus on Monday all over again - setting myself in for the final stretch! The semester has flown by so far. I can't believe Spring Break is already over!

Have a great day and I'll be talkin' to ya real soon!

Big Love,



Anonymous said...

Hey! Yeah, the operation is more substantial for the females. I had my gray tabby kitten spayed in fall, 2005, and I was just nuts and so nervous. She's my girl. I found her when I was out walking one day!

It's great that you have this micro-local vet. That is fantastic. They probably told you about using shredded newspaper in the litter instead of sand or clay for a few days to keep that stuff out of the surgical area. Trouble is, I never found that cats will use shredded paper for litter. They just "hold it" until they can get back to the sand.

Looks like your first ladies did really well. You did the right thing, and I think it is unacceptable to let cats roam free to mate. Statistics show that cats allowed out of doors in urban areas typically have 50% shorter lives.

Oh my God I sound so informed and great. I'm impressin' myself!

TrainingtoTri said...

Glad they did well. Such sweeties, they are lucky to have such good daddies who know the importance of getting them fixed! Hope you had a nice spring break. Smooches.

Casey said...

Was that really Bill Fogle posting a comment OR Bob Barker? lol... I totally agree about the spay/neuter thing though. Gotta do it.

I cant wait to see those girls. They are so cute. We need more kitten kam on this blog!!! They are divas!

Edro Edro said...

How cute! Those girls are adorable.

We had Kendall spayed back in November and she did fine with it too. I remember hoping for her to be a little calmer for a bit, but she bounced back right away too. No rest for the wicked!