Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Dream Come True!

Hey Bloggy Friends!

One of the highlights of Rick's visit this week was going to see Hillary Clinton at a rally on Tuesday. She spoke to a crowd of thousands at Temple University in a forum she refers to as "Solutions For America." Seeing Hillary was a dream come true for both Rick and I. When she came out of the curtain and I saw her with my own eyes, I teared up. After months of thinking of her, following her campaign and talking about her I felt so emotional, baby.

The diverse crowd was so pumped up and she was very energetic herself. She spoke mainly about the things she would do when she becomes President - like universalizing healthcare, bringing the troops home, boosting the economy and creating new jobs - in Philadelphia particularly.

It was such an exciting night that I will not likely forget. Pennsylvania is a huge state for Hillary. I imagine you will be hearing a lot about us in the news over the next month. I am so glad that the race has made it thus far so that I can go in that ballot box and put a huge checkmark next to Hillary's name!

I hope you guys are having a great week. It has been so fun having Rick here. We've been doing a lot, so stay tuned to another video or two of his visit.

I love you all, Bloggy Friends - enjoy the video! and if you want to watch more of her speech than the small amount of clips I pulled for this video - you can watch it HERE

Talk to ya'll soon!


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Casey said...

Gurl... That is so freaking exciting!!! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to see her.

She definitely makes a great for her candidacy. I never imagined such a close Democratic primary race. HRC supporters in Penn are going to have to made a stand!

She won TN by a good margin btw :) and I mildly helped in that effort, but not as much as you.