Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bloggy Friends: The Golden Sunday

Hey, Bloggy Friends! I hope you guys have had an awesome weekend. Ours was really low key for a change. We decided to make it a "save money" weekend by laying low.

Things are going great at school, as the weeks are slowly moving by. I don't really have a lot of homework, just a lot of reading as I told you before.

My friend NICOLE is coming out to visit us on Thursday, from San Francisco. She has been in a few of my videos, I'm sure you guys remember her. So, next weekend promises to be eventful as we show her around Philly and the surrounding areas. I'm excited for her to get here - I love having guests.

Last night Alan and I watched "Elizabeth: The Golden Age." This is the second movie starring Cate Blanchett that is about the extraordinary life of one of the greatest women in history, Queen Elizabeth I. She is one of my favorite characters of the past, so I enjoyed the movie immensely. If you are a fan of history you should totally check these movies out. The first one covered her coronation and growth as a young queen, while this one moved on into the "Golden Years" of her reign depicting her gallant victory in the Spanish Armada! I was floored by the vibrance of the cinematography and the costumes in this movie and of course Cate Blanchett's portrayal was flawless. She is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress at this years Oscar Ceremony! I'm really hoping they do another movie that chronicles the later years of Elizabeth's life - to make it a fabulously complete series!

I guess some of you know that Obama swept through the Saturday primaries and caucuses. It may seem like a huge blow to Hillary, but they were anticipating him to do well throughout the month of February. On Tuesday there will be primaries in D.C., Virginia and Maine. Do any of you living there care to share your thoughts on what you think may happen in your voting state? Bloggy Friend Bill??? :)

Tonight Alan and I are going to make a few new recipes we found over the past few weeks. One is a Zesty Mexican Soup with black beans, peppers, collard greens, onions, vegetable broth and a few of the spiciest of spices. I love spicy foods, so I can't wait. We are also going to make a Spirulina Guacamole dip that we found on! If you lived closer we'd invite all of you over to try some!

Have a great Sunday, Bloggy Friends. Let's get geared for a new week!

Love, Josh


Edro Edro said...

I heart the Virgin Queen as well. I think the Dame Judi portrayal in Shakespeare in Love is still one of my favorites.

Enjoy the soup! Our neighbors made something similar a few weeks ago that they got from Rachel Ray and it was very yummy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I loved the first Kate Blanchett portrayal. Haven't seen the 2nd. I'm a HUGE Helen Mirren fan. Have you seen her Elizabeth?

Polls indicate Obama is going to take all three primaries here (DC, MD, VA). The women voters in Maine may give the state to Hillary. My mom's family is from Maine.

Says Gary: "Part of the real dilemma is the indicators are Obama fares better against McCain in head-to-head polls (winning 3, 1 a tie, losing 2) and Hillary loses most (wins 2 loses 4)."

Says me: LOVE that soup girlfriend! I went through a huge Indian food phase a few years back and have been hungry for it lately (great in cold weather).

Thanks for the interesting blog! Save money weekend sounds like a winner!

rick said...

hey gurl,

i have mirren's version of elizabeth on my netflix queue. speaking of netflix... i saw your recommendation: Sordid Lives. It was so satisfying! i laughed, teared up, was entertained, and inspired! all that, you know it's a good movie!

btw.... i'm working on scheduling a spring fling to philly! so, get ready gurl! you and me in nyc! i'm excited about philly too, so don't think it's all about nyc for me, it's not. i'll probably want to sightsee in philly, and new york... anything goes! i'll look at the Y on Columbus Circle for rooms....

have a good week, bloggy friends!!!

Casey said...

I havent seen either Elizabeth movies, but will keep them in mind!

Glad school isnt getting really crazy for you!