Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Weekender: A New Appreciation!

Good Sunday, Monday or whenever you get around to reading this, Bloggy Friends!

Well, let me tell you something - I was so glad when Friday finally rolled around this week! I am super excited to be back in school, but I am nowhere near used to the grueling schedule yet. By the end of the week I was one tired Mo' Fo' - and that ain't no lie!

We made the most of our weekend together by being lazy, taking care of chores and seeing a show in Bristol called "Welcome Home, Marian Anderson." It was a show that told the story of a crucial time in the life of great opera/spiritual singer, Marian Anderson. Marian Anderson was the first black singer to give a concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1939. I really liked the play and was especially impressed by the lead actress, Vanessa Shaw, who both wrote the script and played the title role. You go, Girl!

There really isn't much more to say about me. I am ready to buckle down for another week at school. I have a lot of reading to do and have to figure out how to juggle everything so that I can finish it all in time. I'll do it!

I hope you guys have an awesome start to the week. With every passing day the first of spring inches closer and closer! Are you guys as ready for it as I am??

Love you all!



Rick said...

gurl, i hear ya on being tired and exhausted from a busy class/work schedule! i have tons of reading this semester as well. i guess it's because all my classes are humanities/sociology in nature. usually, i'm in art classes which are hands on....

the way i approach it is just keep reminding yourself of the end result... that Bachelor's Degree! there will be tough times along the way, you just have to hang in there, be patient, and try to relax. it'll be over before you know it anyway.

well, here goes another big week! have a good one! get organized and get it done! make it happen!

love ya bitch!

Casey said...

Cute video, gurl.

Hope you have a fantastic week in school!

billy rae said...

I'm impressed by how you're making the most of the area (plays and shows, etc.).

Saw a French film last night you might like, "Ma Vie En Rose." Netflicks has it.

Take it easy and don't feel pressured to keep up the blog. Do it when it feels like a break!

Edro Edro said...

I loved your green ensemble for the coffee shop visit. Green makes people more attractive, you know. ;-)