Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One of Those Days!

Hi Bloggy Friends! I hope that you are having a great week. I find myself adjusting quite nicely as the second week of school comes to a close. I'm starting to get used to the busier schedule and am finding ways to juggle my numersous, conflicting assignments. My courses are actually quite interesting and I'm having an awesome time reading things like Plato's "Republic" and various poems by Phyllis Wheatley. These are things I have always wanted to learn about, but never took the time. Now I am!

I hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week. Can you believe January is already coming to a close? Valentines is coming up, have you all thought about your sexy Valentines plans yet? Sex it up!

Enjoy today's quickie video!

Love, Josh


bill said...

YouTube is being weird again! This happened once before. Anyway the video is classified as private. (Wouldn't it be funny if you WANTED it to be private! LOL!)

bill said...

FIXED! (Is it me?)

Bad day - GOOD VIDEO! Love the opening and ending.

OK I'm with you. That sweater is/was beautiful. Blue is my fav color. Cornflower + cashmere = well, nevermind. It was gorgeous. I can't lie.

Bug? Yeah, what was that idiot about?

You have to start callin' those kitties by their names hon.

rick said...

drink up bitch! bbbbzzzzzzz! :o

Casey said...

Bless your little heart, gurl! It definitely could have been a better day!

I must admit I had a good laugh at your expense though (as did a few others in the cafeteria... I am sure).

I'm glad you at least got to simmer down with a glass of vino at the end of such a crazy day.

You should've just given the bug person a good ole Zsa Zsa slap on the face!

georgie said...

It must be the moon...Today I locked myself out of my apartment and left my cell phone inside...say la vi

Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of the week is better. Give us a call sometime or shoot us an email.

Jeff and Charlie

Edro Edro said...

I'm with you. I had one of those days today. =(