Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Touch Me In The Morning!

Hey, Bloggy Divas! I hope you are having the best Thursday you've ever had in your entire life. Period.

Here it is, the week is almost over and I am STILL reeling from my experience with, the one and only, Miss Diana Ross on Sunday!

Let me tell you Bloggy Friends, I have stood in the presence of a true diva! I know what you're thinking - "but Josh you stand in front of the mirror everyday." Yes, this is true Bloggy Friends - but Diana Ross was different!

Why? She captivated that Diana-hungry audience with more power than I have ever seen from a stage. She was everything I could have hoped for. There was the big hair, the graceful diva-like gestures, numerous sequined gowns, chiffon boas that she tossed about the stage like rags, and she sang all the classics!

I wasn't sure what to expect out of her - after years of terrible headlines that reported things such as "Diana Gets Another D.U.I." and Poor Diana Down and Out and Drunk in Beverly Hills." I just went with my fingers crossed, knowing that I was going to witness a true legend - and that's exactly what I received. She looked stunning in her tight, form-fitted gowns, and her voice was so on point. She sounded fantastic and looked flawless, people!

I have seen a lot of my most favorite artists on stage, but there is no doubt that Diana is something special. She is a force of nature that is incomparable to anyone else in music history. My life changed a little when I left the Borgata Hotel that evening when I witnessed with my own two eyes one of the greatest divas to ever walk on this earth - present company excluded!

Enjoy my video of our afternoon romp around Atlantic City on into the life-changing performance by Miss Diana Ross.

Love, Josh


Edro Edro said...

Girl, I think you were trying to rival Miss Ross' diva peformance. Great video! =)

Casey said...

Gurl, that was Fagulous to the
200th degree. I'm so excited that you got to see her and quite jealous that I missed out.

I hope you didnt lose too much cat food money in the casino! Puss' need to eat.

bill said...

Nuthin' can keep me, keep me from commentin'...

Gary says, "Loved the costume changes ... and Miss Ross' gowns were pretty TOO!"

(He also said "Ain't no diva wide enough" but I thought that was mean ... he can be so nasty. that man! ... I thought she looked FAB for her age!)

Ellie said...

What a fun time! My favorite thing about the video is in the beginning, when you're singing on the stairs, and your cat is behind you. THe look on his face seems to say, "I'm completely unfazed. He does this all the time."

Rick said...

I agree with Ellie about the little kitty! The kitty seemed so over it! haaa!

Anyway... It's hard to find the words when it comes to Ms Diana Ross! Gurl, I saw her back in the 80s and she's still the diva she always has been! Her wig looked good too! not too thin and whispy!

I'm comin out! I want the world to know! Got to let it show! I'm comin!

Take me higher!!!

Love ya bitch!
Ms Pussy!