Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Concert Reviews: Sister Rosetta Tharpe Tribute

Last Friday night Alan and I went to the KESWICK THEATRE in Glenside, PA to see a benefit concert held for the Memorial of SISTER ROSETTA THARPE. The list of fabulous, legendary entertainers is what initially drew me to the list. I knew that this is one that I could not miss! and boy was I right! On that evening I saw true legends take the stage to sing many, very familiar, gospel tunes that have been sung throughout the history of modern music. Maybe many of you haven't heard of a lot of the performers that were there that night, but for a true fan of old school, Black Gospel music I was floored by the whole experience. The concert was held to provide funds for the memorial of Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Would you believe that she is buried here in Philadelphia, beneath and unmarked grave!?! Hopefully this will be the resolution to that most unfortunate circumstance.

I hope you enjoy the video I made of the evening's festivities. It is pretty heavily edited, so if you see a performer that you are particularly interested in you can click on their name below to view other, more complete performances by them. I recommend watching Odetta's performance, time literally stood still when she was on stage. You may appreciate her as a one who Bob Dylan cites as one of his greatest inspirations.

We had a truly awesome time, clapping, shouting, stomping our feet and singing along. I hope you can feel a little bit of the spirit that moved us through the night!

Love, Josh

Here is the list of more complete performances!

The Huff Singers
The Johnny Thompson Singers
The Dixie Hummingbirds
Wila Ward
Marie Knight


Edro Edro said...

Looks like y'all had a Holy Ghost party up in yonder! What a cool experience. =)

Oh, thanks for the decorating advice, Mammy!

TrainingtoTri said...

I watched big brother for the first time last summer and liked it. So, I will probably give it another try, but I prefer reality shows where people are losing weight! Or being really slutty like all the VH1 ones b/c those make me feel awesome about myself :)

Rick said...

Lord have mercy!

georgie said...

jealous up and down! How fun!