Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Birthday Shout-Out: My Momma!

Hi, Bloggy Friends! I hope your Tuesday is going terrificly, or tainty like my friend Monica.

Today is one of my most favorite days of the year - my Mother's birthday! It's not just any birthday, though, it's her 50th! I think she's a little bothered by the fact that she's turning 50, but in my eyes that is still very young and impressive. She currently lives and works in my hometown of Lancaster, KY. She is very involved in church activities, has a ton of friends she spends time with regularly and always has a new arts and craft project she's working on. Lately, she has taken up knitting. On Christmas she made nearly everyone in the family a nice knitted scarf, mine is black and I love it to pieces. The past year has brought me a particularly large amount of joy when it comes to my Mom, because she victoriously defeated one of the most difficult habits to quit - smoking!!!!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be home now and hear her tell my brother to "take that cigarette outside!"

It was awesome to be home recently to spend some time with her. She always makes Christmas seem so special, just like when we were kids. She does such an awesome job of decorating and always has a warm bowl of pinto beans (my favorite) waiting for me! I am so happy to live closer to Kentucky now, so I can plan more visits throughout the year. I'm hoping she comes to Philly for a visit, I think she will love it here. She's a big fan of history and Philly certainly has a lot of that!

So, everyone please join me in wishing my Mom a very special birthday. She's a wonderful woman and deserves the very best out of the coming year! I love you, Mom!

and I love you, Bloggy Friends. Have a good one!


I thought I would post a re-run video that I have of my Mom. It's one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it again - or for the first time for my new Bloggy Friends - like George (send Franky my love!)


bill said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. M.!!! I'm a year and a half behind you honey and I'm not lookin' forward to 50 either!

And good for you with the cigarettes!

Edro Edro said...

Happy Birthday, Mama Middleton!

Rick said...

aww happy bday mom!

Rick said...

by the way... congrats to your mom for quiting smoking! I wish she could pep talk my mother into stopping. I've begged her for years, but she still lights up. It's a sad thing, but we all have our weaknesses I suppose...

TrainingtoTri said...

Happy Birthday Mamma Middleton!!! So proud of her for quitting smoking, that's a hard thing to do. Very awesome.

We must must meetup in KY sometime.

Casey said...

I too love that video... Happy Birthday to her!

It's so good to hear about anyone stopping nasty ole cig-smoking. Awesome news!!!

Anonymous said...

happy bday !!!! yay on the no smoking