Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Short & Sweet: Playboy Bunny In The Family!

Hey Bloggy Friends! Did you know that I have a playboy model in my family?!?!

Well, sort of my family. My ex-step-sister, Destiny, just revealed to us that she will be appearing in the latest issue of the "Girls Next Door" series of Playboy! I think it's really awesome, but her mother, who lives in a small towm in Indiana, is a little less than thrilled.

She is 20 years old and is currently enrolled in the theater program at Ball State in Indiana. She is quite a talented actress and I expect to see her name in the big lights one day! She has assured us that she doesn't want to take the route as a playboy bunny, but is doing it for the exposure she could earn through it. I say go for it, sister! The issue is on news stands now.

Here are some links to some of the /sexy/scandalous pictures she has taken recently!

Myspace Picture Page

Love you all!



bill said...

I'm still working on "ex-step sister." I'm no Socrates! I can't work it out. Wah!

I love when young people know what they want to do. I respect that. I respect ambition, too, though I've been burned by it in the past.

How cool!

TrainingtoTri said...

Oh my! Zexy! Is this ex from your mom's side or your dad's side?

Eddie Mullins said...

When are your hot uncles (are they still hot? i haven't seen them in a decade or more) doing their centerfold in the special Twins edition of Playgirl?