Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Cook-IN!

Hey Bloggy Friends!

I love throwing parties! I haven't had a chance to do it often, living here, because our place is so small, but Sunday Alan and I decided to throw a little Labor Day Cook-In. It's kind of like a cookout, except we were indoors! I did all the decorating and party planning, while Alan cooked and served the food. My friends Nicole, Kelly and Kelly's boyfriend, Ed, came over. We had a nice time, eating, chatting and lauging together the way good friends do.

Here is a little video clip I made of the afternoon - hope you enjoy!

P.S. Click HERE for some extra pictures of the afternoon!


Casey said...

Aww... gurl... what a cute party! I was in San Fran visiting you 2 years ago on Labor Day... seems like just yesterday...

Anonymous said...

that was a really fun day thanks for posting the video