Friday, September 7, 2007

First-Time Friday: The iPhone!

Hey Bloggy Friends!

This week my friend Ishmael came to visit San Francisco from Seattle. He called me on the spur of the moment, so I rushed to meet him and two other friends,Todd & Cody, at a local bar called Moby Dick's. We had a great time, having a drink and chatting each other up - then Ishamael pulled out the iPhone!

I have seen them from a far and of course have seen the commercials on tv, but I have yet to hold one in my hands! It is such an amazing little piece of technology. I couldn't believe how small and efficient it is. The internet ran super fast, iTunes is right there at the touch of a finger, and I think it can even make telephone calls too - I'm addicted! I was even able to show them some of my bloggy videos!

Luckily, the prices are starting to drop, so hopefully that means I may get my hands on one of my own pretty soon. It was good to crawl out from underneath my rock and actually see one face to screen!

In other news - things are moving right along for us and our move. Alan has finally scheduled his defense talk and it looks like we may be shipping out on the 28th of this month. I'm so excited! Plans for our Sugar Roadtrip 2007 are underway!

It should be a fun weekend for us, I hope you guys have a good one too. Take care and I'll see ya'll on Monday!

Love, Josh

P.S. Here is a little bloggy video I made of my first iPhone experience! Enjoy.

1 comment:

Casey said...

Gurl... that car looked fabulous!!!

iPhones are awesome for sure... the other fantastic Casey's husband has one that I have envied a few times...

It's pretty much a diva essential..

but I'd highly advise waiting a little while unless you have plenty of money to throw around b/c you want to be an early techno adopter. :)