Sunday, August 19, 2007

Short & Sweet: Saturday Packy Singy Blog!

Hey everyone! Our Saturday was uneventful, though very productive. We decided to further the process of eliminating more stuff that we don't want to take with us to Philadelphia. Alan sure has collected a lot of junk over the years! So here is a video of our morning as it expands on into the evening when we head over to Noe Valley to grab dinner at a place called Pasta Gina's. It's a rather random blog - but that's what I do best!

Love you all bloggy friends!


1 comment:

Casey said...

OMG... Bitch, you better not have been drinking my wine during your Pasta Gina dinner!!! lol...

Loved this chatty blog. The mannequins made me laugh out loud.

Seeing your San Francisco "end" video's make me sad, but also excited for the Philly run...

Cant wait to enjoy the wine! Maybe we can share that in Philly after a diva rumble?