Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pluggy Blog: Kimi's Son Quinn

Hey bloggy friends. It's another hot one here in San Francisco - I love it! We are planning to have a little get together on Sunday afternoon with some friends, so I am off to the grocery to get some supplies.

But first....

Do ya'll remember my friend Kimi? She was the one singing "Fire & Desire" with me in an earlier blog post. Well, her son is embarking on a journey to begin a career in music and has just finished his first video. If you are a fan of West Coast Hip-Hop or Neo-Soul, you might like what he has to offer. He has a lot of good things to say, he keeps it real with lyrics that are very socially conscious. His name is Quinn and he goes by the alias "Wordup." Kimi says he has been writing and making music since he was a kid, she is very proud!

I told her that I would post his video on my blog for all of my bloggy friends, including you Clive Davis and Tommy Motola, to see.

If you want to hear more songs click HERE for a link to his Myspace page.

I hope you enjoy. Have a fantastic day Bloggy Friends!

Love Always,


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