Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Birthday Shout-Out: Whitney Houston

Today is the birthday of the biggest Diva in the world! Whitney Houston was born 44 years ago today in Newark, New Jersey. Let's all take a moment to send our best birthday wishes so that this will be the best year ever for her! There is no denying that Whitney possesses one of the most beautiful voices of our generation, one that will go down in history and continue to inspire singers for many years to come. Happy Birthday Diva!!

Love, Josh

Here is a short video I made singing Whitney "Happy Birthday." Yes, I went there y'all! Enjoy!

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Casey said...

Gurl! That's a fabulous birthday shout out... You were so excited about the birthday that you jumped the gun on posting this by about 4 hours...

I'm sure you are well aware that her birthday is technically August 9th, but I realize you wanted to be the first to celebrate!!