Saturday, July 28, 2007

Concert Reviews: The Rapture

Last night I went with my friends, Matthew & Xa, to the Daft Punk show @ the Greek Theater in Berkeley. This show was a far cry from Loretta or Erykah Badu, but PHENOMENAL nonetheless. The Greek Theater ( is an outdoors venue that is modeled after an ancient greek theater - it's really beautiful and huge! I wasn't expecting such an enormous crowd, but they came in droves and brought such an excited energy. It kind of felt like a college party, but there was a wide variety of people there. I never knew Daft Punk had such a devoted following. The show was fantastic and I had one of the best experiences of my life! You must try to see this show if it comes to your area - fo' real!

Here is a video of the opening acts, The Rapture & DJ Sebastian. The first part of the video is us on the BART on the way to the venue, as you can see there were other Daft Punk fans riding with us! I have two other videos of Daft Punk that I will post in the coming hours, so stay tuned! Believe me, it is well worth the wait! I also have pictures that I will post as soon as I get some of the ones Matthew took, which may take a week or so.

P.S. I miss you Sugars!!! :)~

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