Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trip to Spain: The Prelude

Hola Bloggy Friends, 

Tomorrow, Alan and I are taking off for a two-week trip to Spain. Our plan is to fly into Madrid, immediately train to Barcelona, drive down the Mediterranean coast — stopping for a few days in Peñíscola, Caravaca De La Cruz and Granada, respectively — and finally make our way back to Madrid. We're super excited for this trip because we've planned several first-time experiences: 
  • This is the first time we've been to Europe in March/April
  • This is the first time we've rented a car and driven in Europe
  • This is the first time we've kept our itinerary within one country
  • And, at 16 days,  it's the longest stretch of time we've vacationed there
To get prepared, we've done online research, read guidebooks (thanks, Laurie Buler Nunez) and watched a few travel vids. In fact, we did so much planning in the beginning that we haven't thought much about it in the past few weeks — unless you count the occasional "I can't wait to eat a churros!"

But now the day is upon us, and we're chomping at the bit to take off. While we're gone I'll keep my blog updated with photos and write-ups about what we're up to, so feel free to stop by for a peep. From now on, I plan to use this space to write about the trips we take. These are the experiences that bring me some of my biggest joys, and being able to share them makes it that much more meaningful. I would also love to hear from you if you have recommendations about what we should do while we're in Spain. We've done a lot of reading, but nothing compares to getting advice from someone who's been there and done that.

Thanks for stopping by today. I'll see you in España!

Buenos días,
Señor Josh

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