Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Sang for the Mayor but He Didn't Listen

Hi Bloggy Friends,

Some of you may remember my moment of glory last year when I won a vocal competition hosted by Philadelphia Black Gay Pride called Sing Out Strong. This year they invited me back to perform two songs for their opening ceremony at Loews Philadelphia Hotel.

I was the opener for R&B singer Alyson Williams. She had a string of hit singles in the 80s that you may recognize, like "My Love is So Raw" and "Sleep Talk." This was my first time opening for someone and it's the first time I had a chance to sing two songs in a row outside of a karaoke bar. I felt like a superstar - until Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter came in and stole my glory.

He delivered his speech right before I was called to the stage by PBGP President Chris Alston. My first song was India.Arie's "Ready for Love." Everything was going well until I noticed I was singing to a roomful of people huddled around the mayor. I did everything I could to sing over all the chatter but it didn't work. I even blanked out on the part of the song that was supposed to be my shining high note moment. Dammit.

When that song ended the music began immediately for the next. I totally expected to bring the house down with my gospel-fied version of "Let it Be," but no amount of vocal acrobatics and finger waving was going to get this room's attention. At first I was disappointed, but then I realized that the lack of regard allowed me free range to have fun with the song, so I did. And let's face it, this night wasn't about me. Get in check, ego!

The bottom line is that I had a great time. It was a wonderful opportunity, I caught up with acquaintances I hadn't seen in a while and I sang personally satisfying renditions of two of my favorite songs. What could be better than that?

I hope you have a fantastic week. Thanks for stopping by to share this moment with me. Facebook click HERE for the videos.

Love, Josh

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Bill Fogle said...

Way to look at it. And you're right, of course. "Half empty, half full ..." :)