Friday, April 16, 2010

Your SKYY 49 News Anchor...

Hi Bloggy Friends,

I hope your week ended with a fabulous sha-bang.

For weeks now I've been sharing photographs of the work we've been doing in my studio news classes - well now I have some video. This is a 10-minute local style newscast we were asked to do in my broadcast performance class. I don't know what else to say except bless my heart.....

If you're on Facebook click HERE for the video.

Have a great weekend.

Love, Josh


Bill Fogle said...

I always prefer to respond on your blog b/c that's where I got to know you.

Josh, this was good. The beginning was bad, because you had bug eyes, and something seemed wrong. But after about 90 seconds, you relaxed into it. Your transition, or hand-off, to the blonde was excellent ... smooooooth.

I think the real analysis is not an assessment of the troubled spots (narration gaps, etc.), but how you did when things were working as they should, right? And you were fine throughout, narrowing your eyes and looking rather cool a la Anita O'Day (or some of those black girl singers you adore).

On on-camera work here is fine. It's good.

Bill Fogle said...

Typo: "YOUR on-camera work ..."

Casey said...

Hey, Josh. I'm so glad you posted this. I would have been too shy. You shouldn't say you are not ready for anything at this point though. It's not so easy to be a 'news reader.' It takes plenty of practice for any task. I think you warmed up during the newscast.

For the record, I never did on camera journalism... I didn't have the guts to even try. I was better at writing. You get a gold star in my book for even doing this!