Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Week with Friends, Karaoke & Brendan Fraser

Hi Bloggy Friends,
I hope you're wrapping up the weekend like a diva. Oh, who am I kidding - you're the consummate diva. I'm enjoying my time off from school. I have one more full week until I head back to my studies, so I'm taking advantage of every free second possible. I'm especially ready to relax this week, because the last was a bit busier than usual. There were some exciting things going on, though. Here's what I was up to:

Monday: My friend Jillian flew in from Boston around 1 p.m. My friend and fellow City Paper intern, Julia, rode to the airport with me and while we waited for Jillian's arrival we killed to birds with one stone by snapping photos for our weekly fashion column, Neighborhood Watch. It was fun. Later that evening I had to see a screening of Brendan Fraser's new film Extraordinary Measures because I was scheduled to interview him about it the next day. He was actually there to catch the Philly premier, which was kind of cool. I took a video of him being photographed by the local "paparazzi." Check it out HERE. After the movie I met up with Jillian and my friends Tim and Sarah for drinks at Tangerine. My new favorite drink is Belvedere Vodka because I learned from Chelsea Handler this week that it doesn't have any sugar in it.

Tuesday: In the afternoon I went to the Four Seasons Hotel to meet and interview Brendan Fraser. This was my very first movie star interview, so I was a little nervous. Once inside, I was assembled with a group of five other local journalists and escorted to a hotel room where we chatted with Fraser for about a half an hour. He was an interesting, awkwardly funny person. I was worried about the competition with the other journalists, who were more seasoned than myself, but they each allowed time for everyone to get an equal amount of questions in. It was a really exciting moment for me. I wish I had asked him for a picture like Oprah and Barbara do, but I didn't. My coverage should come out at the end of the month when the movie is released. Stay tuned!

Wednesday: I had a lot of work to do for City Paper, so I had to spend my day at the office interviewing people for stories and doing listings for our Agenda section. When Alan and I got home Jillian surprised us with a delicious  meal of soy-ginger glazed tilapia, brown rice with cashews and edamame. Later that night we headed to Cherry Hill, NJ to catch Avatar in 3D. We all thought it was amazing.

Thursday: Sadly I had to take Jillian back to the airport today. We had a great time while she was here. She's the perfect guest and I must say one of my favorite friends I've met in adulthood. We have a lot of common interests, she can carry on an amazing conversation and we always know how to have a good laugh. I've missed her since she left Philly for Boston, but she's doing well there and I'm proud of her. Come back soon, Funky!

Friday: I took it about as easy as I possibly could. I needed a day of nothing. It's been a busy past few weeks... Girl.

Saturday: Tonight we met Kelly and Ed for sushi at Wasabi House before heading to Moriarty's Pub where we met our friends Chris, Tim and Lindsay for karaoke. We spent the evening playing karaoke games like songs songs for one another and not revealing them until it was our turn to go sing. It can be a little nerve wracking, but it's always good for a laugh. Alan even played along, which is rare for him. We sang some Elvis, Eva Cassidy and R.E.M. among others Below is a video of me singing my own version of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi." It's hard to sing a song that's so synthesizer-heavy, so I did the best I could. Check it out HERE, or don't!

Sunday: Today we did our usual chores - groceries at Iovine's and Whole Foods - and met up with Alan's aunt Jude for coffee. We chatted together in the seating area of the Reading Terminal for at least an hour. It's always good to catch up with Jude. Tonight we made dinner - Rosemary salmon with mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed spinach. It was fantastic. Now I'm ready to put on my pjs and relax on the couch until it's time for bed.

I hope you all had a fantastic week. Thanks for coming by so I could share mine with you. If you had to pick your favorite part of last week, what would it be? Tell me, tell me!

I'll chat with you soon,

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

More sugartown!

Bill Fogle said...

Lord I'm out of it! I have tons of back reading to do on your life.

I'm just amazed that suddenly you became a journalist. I mean, I guess I was "there" for it, but I feel like one day it was just an aspiration, and now it's like ... well, you have solid experience. I don't think I am jinxing it (8 a.m. on a Monday and I'm spelling "jinxing" already) by saying that you will likely land an amazing job.

Knowing you these past 2.5 (?) years has been dizzying. I think I expected your life to go like mine did. But in that regard, we are not similar. You work, and things happen. Why I should be surprised at that, I don't know. But still I watch, amazed, from a distance. What do you think about this? Do you think at some point things will settle down, or is Josh always going to be moving and changing? No hidden attitudes there, just an honest question. I didn't know you during those years when you were changing cities frequently.

Gosh, is there a character limit in these responses?! LOL! Go get 'em girl! Live that life! Love ya!

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