Sunday, January 24, 2010

Enjoying Baltimore, Thai Curry & MJB

Hello Bloggy Friends,

I hope you're having more than a suitable Sunday. We've been busy taking care of our end of the weekend chores that I won't bore you by mentioning for the 800th time. The weather has been fantastic in Philadelphia lately. The temps have been in the 40s and 50s all week long. It would be amazing if it would just stay like that until spring. You know I'm not a fan of the cold.

My first week back to school was excellent. I'm excited about the classes I'm taking and the work I'll be producing. I think it will be a great final semester. I had a few of my pieces published by City Paper this week. If you're interested you can check out my interview with Branden Fraser, the Bye, Bye Big Boobies benefit, my monthly Queer Bait column and our Philly fashion post, Neighborhood Watch. Thank you for your support.

This weekend was pretty amazing. Saturday afternoon we decided to take a road trip to Baltimore. We've passed it on our way to Kentucky, but we've never actually stopped to see what it was all about. What we found was a quaint, historic city that is so full of interesting attractions that we've decided we'll head back for an entire weekend trip soon. We spent the few hours we had on a mapped walking tour through the Mount Vernon district, where we climbed to the top of the original Washington Monument, took a gander at several historic churches and homes and even stopped for a sip in what seemed like the a thriving gay district. Later that evening we met Bloggy Friends Bill and Gary in Fells Point for a charming dinner and chit chat. It was great to see them. Sometimes we forget how close we live to one another. There is so much to see and do within such a short distance of Philadelphia. I want to try to take advantage of those travel opportunities this year. I posted a few videos on YouTube of our trip. Just click HERE and HERE if you want to check them out. Thank you and thank you.

Before I go I want to ask if you saw Mary J. Blige's performance on the Hope for Haiti Now telethon on Friday night? It was amazing. She sang a Civil War era song called "Hard Times Come Again No More." It was written in 1854 by Stephen Foster, the same guy who wrote Kentucky's state song, My Old Kentucky Home. It touched me beyond belief. If you're curious check it out right HERE. Let me know what you think and while we're on the subject of Haiti, do you have any thoughts to share about that? It is undoubtedly an horrific ordeal but do you feel news outlets have taken the coverage a little too far? Has it started to seem fake and sensationalized? If it's so hard to fly airplanes full of relief aid, how is it so easy to send a ton of reporters? What airport are THEY flying into? I'm just curious. What do you think?I can't help but be a bit skeptical sometimes about how news outlets choose to cover certain events. It's all about the ratings, right?

I'm going to run now. Alan is almost finished with our Salmy Sunday dinner. Tonight we're switching things up a bit with a new recipe I found on Epicurious, Roast Salmon with Thai Red Curry & Bok Choy. We scoured Asian groceries in Chinatown today for most of the ingredients. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Curry is one of my favorite things. Have a great night. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh

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Bill Fogle said...

Hi Sweetheart.

We had curry today, too. But nothing as glamorous as your salmon and bok choy.

OK, so I watched the MJB. First of all, I've been a Stephen Foster fan since I was a young piano student and I learned he was a talented American songwriter who then drank too much and died. My kind of personality.

I thought MJB's video was so good. She looked beautiful, and her "soulspel" delivery of the Foster song was genuine, tasteful, and was packed with skill and insight. It was lovely.

I loved seeing you both, you especially of course. Sometimes, you remind me of a ... oh man, I'm not going to think of the best analogy. You have a lot of personality and psychic strength in such a petite body! I felt awful when you got so cold on the street. You looked cute in your coat that was almost enough for the temperature.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed Baltimore! We both loved seeing you, and consider me UP for any impromptu get-togethers in the future! Life is short. We need to do what we feel.

(P.S. And thanks for blogging!)