Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stormy Sunday.

Good evening Bloggy Friends,

I hope you're having a nice Sunday. After a morning of stormy weather, the sun is finally starting to shine in Philadelphia. There was something soothing about waking up this morning to a dark sky, on the verge of unleashing a spectacle of torrential rain, lightning and shockingly loud bursts of thunder. I guess it was the fact that we could watch it from our windows, knowing that we didn't have to get out in it. We finished most of our chores yesterday, so we didn't have to worry about getting too much done today.

We had a really nice weekend. I hope you did too. Alan decided to work from home on Friday, so the weekend felt pleasantly more lengthy this time around. His birthday was on Thursday. We had a nice night. When he got home from work that day Jude came by to give him a card and a fancy bottle of red wine. She suggested we save it for a special occasion, which we're hoping will be in celebration of a new home in the near future. For dinner we went to Bindi, an Indian BYO we've been wanting to try for several months. It was delicious. Later we walked to Rittenhouse Square to try a new frozen yogurt eatery called Yogorino. It was the perfect way to top off an extremely agreeable evening. Thanks to those of you who sent birthday emails and cards. You're precious.

Early yesterday we went out with our realtor to see another round of houses. Again our search centered mostly around the Graduate Hospital and Passyunk Square area. I plan on detailing more of the process in a separate blog, so I'll save my description for that. We did see several nice places. I believe the process is starting to wind down.

Tonight we're listening to some funky jazz. Alan is beginning to prepare dinner, the cats are conked out in strategic areas of the house where the dogs can't reach them, and the dogs, giving up on the cats, are pitter-pattering around trying to discover other ways they can stir up a little mischief. They'll find it sure enough I'm sure. Me? Well, I'm about to finish up this blog, pour myself a glass of red and keep Alan company in the kitchen. Perhaps I'll serenade him as he marinades the fish, and softens the brussel sprouts over a little steam.

Have a great night. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh

The birthday boy enjoying a glass of wine at Bindi.

The halibut dish was Divine (with a capital 'D').

The vegetarian thalia. When it comes to Indian food, Alan prizes variety.

Me being thankful my Sugar was born.


Bill Fogle said...

Well-written and stylish blog entry! Something I learned from spending time with you in Maine is that you are, I'm not sure how to put this, more on top of things than I had understood. You are a good writer ... descriptive and retentive of details. Stuff isn't wasted on you. You "get" the small things. You're observant and articulate.

Guys, I have been longing for Indian food (my #1 favorite cuisine) and this blog entry has rendered me hungry. Uh ... do you think we can go to this place on August 16 when I come up? I own a million Indian cookbooks and I have ambitiously worked at Indian cooking since 2002. But, I have to be honest, I only like Indian food when it is prepared by the professionals. That's not true of other cuisines (Italian, etc.).

I've already told you how much I miss sitting down to dinner with you and Alan. Both of you have held the bar very high when it comes to style with food and in your surroundings. I have *no* doubt the home you choose will be (or you will make it to be) elegant and artsy.


Rick Watson said...

Beautiful big birthday smile Alan!

Josh girrrrl--- you better sip that red wine with that big-ass hair goin' on!

Casey said...

Yay for a fun birthday for Alan.

I love waking up to storms--on the weekends. Good luck with the house hunt. I can't wait to see what you ladies pick out.

Mnowac said...

You guys are so cute. Happy birthday Alan. I hope you find a house soon, I bet you will have it fabulously decorated, can't wait for pics.

Vinhster said...

Hi there Josh,

I stumbled onto your blog indirectly. I'm always glued on YouTube, and your Wanda Sykes video popped up on my search. And I love reading blogs too, so I clicked on your blog link. I think you and Alan are adorable together. My birthday wishes go to Alan. I hope summer continues to treat the both of you well.