Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from Maine and at it Again!

Hey Bloggy Friends,

We returned home from our trip to Maine on Friday night. This time around we found a more efficient route and were able to drive the entire way in one night. The drive was pretty painless, even though it took a little over ten hours.

We had such a wonderful time in Maine. I don't believe I've been on a more laid back, relaxing vacation in my life. We took it easy, did as we pleased and enjoyed ourselves immensely. I'm so thankful Bill came up with the suggestion. I'd love for you to check out some of the photos we took over the week by clicking HERE. I also plan to have a few videos soon, so check back for that!

Saturday we were invited to our friend Tim's for a Fourth of July barbecue. We had a nice time, but after a full days worth of driving the night before, we were pretty tired. On Sunday my mom and brother rolled in from Kentucky around 11:30 in the afternoon. It's so great to see them, but with all this activity going on, I'm starting to feel a little pulled at both ends. I plan to show them around the city this week, and maybe even make a few side trips outside of Philadelphia.

Have a great week. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh


Rick Watson said...

Wow! go go go! sounds like you could use a good dose of Adderal!

Casey said...

Busy little bee. I'm sure you'll have a great time with your ma and bro.

Bill Fogle said...

Did you get a Scrabble board yet? They will love it!

Rick Watson said...

correction: Adderall

Edro Edro said...

I loved Maine. Portland is one of my favorite places ever. Have a great visit with your mom and brother.

BTW, I'm back! I took a month off from blogging and reading blogs, but I couldn't stay away for long.

Missed ya!