Thursday, June 18, 2009

Radio News Reporting Project #1

Hey Bloggy Friends,

I hope you're having a nice day. It's about as wet as it can be in Philadelphia today. This is the soggiest springtime I can ever remember having. I guess it gives us more reason to appreciate the sunshine.

I want to share with you the projects I did in another of my journalism classes at school, Radio News Reporting. In this class we were taught how to write, present and record news pieces to be aired in a radio format. Like my design for journalists class, we started with the simplest projects and then worked our way to longer, more complicated ones.

My first assignment was to record what is called a voicer - a 30 - 45 second clip highlighting something going on in the news on that day. It is a straight read, so no interviews or soundbites are required. I chose to do a story on Hillary Clinton, who had recently been confirmed as Secretary of State.

It was a quick assignment, which didn't take too much work to complete. I think the teacher just wanted to get a feel for our voice delivery and broadcast writing skills. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. The one criticism I received was about an opinion I threw in at the end when I mentioned that this story is, "proof that President Obama intends to make good on his promise to focus on issues surrounding global warming." She said that I should have provided a source for that quote, other than myself, if I wanted to keep it in there. It isn't a reporters job to have an opinion.

Final Grade: A-

Have a good one. I'll share more with you in the coming days.

Love, Josh

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Anonymous said...

you have such a wonderful voice Josh, i could listen to you read the phone book! and it may not be your job to have an opinion as a reporter, but personally i think it gives the report a bit of personality =}