Friday, May 1, 2009

Feel Like Smilin'?

Happy Friday Bloggy Friends!

Do you need a smile today? I think this picture of Doris is so funny. She's such a little cutie. She's growing like a little weed, and doing very well. I don't think she'll end up getting as big as Galileo, though, since she's smaller now than he was at her age.

Speaking of smiles, I can barely wipe this one off of my face. Yesterday was my very last day of classes this semester! Now all I have to do is wrap up a few projects, and take a few exams before I can stick a fork in it for good. I'm so excited. I'm really looking forward to the summer time.

The weather has been gloomy in Philadelphia lately, but still rather nice. I haven't seen much sunshine, but the air is warm. Unfortunately, the forecast calls for rain through Sunday. Let's hope they got this one wrong. I love getting out and about on the weekend.

Last night we went do dinner with friends at a restaurant called, THE LATEST DISH. It's located near Fourth and South in Queen Village. It was really tasty. They had a nice variety of food on the menu, including several impressive vegetarian dishes. Alan and I shared the tilapia dish, and the seitan meatloaf. They were both delicious.

I hope you guys are having a great afternoon. Have a nice weekend. I'll be back to chat in a few days.

Love, Josh

P.S. I'm not sure how many words Doris' picture is worth, but THIS one is definitely worth a thousand. A friend from high school, Danielle, has picked up photography recently and her work continues to knock my socks off. I'm very proud of her. She's available for hire if you're looking to have portraits made.


C said...

Hey there! I am happy that it's winding down for you. I hope you all get some sunshine soon. Any big plans for the Derby tomorrow? You should make a Derby hat and do a video! Take care and EMAIL me sometime. LOL!

Edro Edro said...

What a cute doggie!

Congrats on nearing the end of the semester. I know that has to feel good. Another four weeks for me... blah!

Bill Fogle said...

Congratulations on completing the semester.

Danielle's photograph is high art; it is beautiful.

Doris is a heartbreaker. I look forward to spending 14 hours in a subcompact car with her.

Casey said...

Doris is adorable. Is that a hair clip on her head? If so, I LOVE it. If it is your nasty gum, don't love it so much.

Yay! Glad your class part is over. Good luck with the projects & exams!

Anonymous said...

ewwww! What's that on Doris' gum? A herpe?

Anonymous said...

That picture of the children is one of the most touching I've recently seen. Superb.

Rick Watson said...

loving doris' hair clip! go doris, go doris!