Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Design for Journalists Project #1

Hey Bloggy Friends,

I finally wrapped up my semester yesterday. I feel so relieved. The past few months have been rewarding, but I'm so anxious to take a few months off before I start back in the fall.

If you have the time, I'd like to share some of the projects I've been working on over the past few months, especially the ones in my journalism courses.

I'll start with my Design for Journalists class. This course is a requirement for all journalism majors, if you are planning to focus on design as a career or not. The intention is to give us experience in all areas of journalism, so that when we are looking for a job we will have a wider variety of skills to offer prospective employers. I was skeptical about taking this course at first, but now I'm so happy I did. I learned so much about different design programs like Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver. These are tools that will undoubtedly prove to be useful in my career, and at home.

Our first project was to create a photo story, a story that is told through a series of photographs. I decided to take pictures at Iovine's Produce Market in the Reading Terminal, where Alan and I get our produce every Sunday. I chose this location because I thought the vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables, along with the hustle bustle of the busy atmosphere, would make a visually stunning set of photographs, while also telling an interesting story.

Our requirement in Photoshop was minimal in this project, but the teacher wanted us to at least touch up the photos before we presented them to the class. I enhanced some of the colors, and cropped certain photos to create stronger focal points. I was happy with the way it turned out. I've attached the photos below. I hope you enjoy!

Grade: 100/100

Have a great night. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh (an official senior!)



Anonymous said...

great photo story Josh! what version of photoshop are you using?

Casey said...

Awesome photos. So glad you are getting that kind of background experience!

Bill Fogle said...

I consciously tried to view these pictures, top to bottom, as a story. I think it works! And evidently your instructor did, too. What a grade!

Photoshop is my life. My videos are more a product of Photoshop than my video program. The idea of "design for journalists" is interesting. So, what? That translates to writing, photography, and layout? With your InDesign experience, you might want to sell yourself as, if not truly a layout artist, someone who can do his own technical work. (But, take it from me, try not to get into publishing - stay with journalism.)

Hey, tell me a bit about that creative nonfiction class. I've asked you before, so don't work my nerves :)

Love you!

Edro Edro said...

Makes me hungry!

Rick Watson said...

Colorful story! A somewhat sexy one too don't you think? I've always found something very intimate about going to the grocery store! Do you think that's weird?