Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birthday Shout-Out: My Sister, Alexandra!

Hi Bloggy Brothers and Sisters!

Today is my sister, Alexandra's, 21st birthday. I can't believe it.

There's a pretty wide age gap between us, so I can clearly remember the day she was born. We were all hoping for a girl so badly. So far in our family there were a bunch of boys - me, Derek and our cousin Billy. I wanted a little sister so I could dress her up, fix her hair, and of course, play with her Barbies.

Waiting at the hospital for her arrival, we were finally informed that she had been born. My mom, however, gave strict orders to the nurses not to tell us what her sex was. She wanted to be the one to let us know. Before I had a chance to see my mom in her room, they brought Alex into the viewing area for us all to see. I still didn't know what she was, but they had a pink hat on her, so I had an inkling. There were two ladies standing next to me saying, "yep, it's a little girl." It wasn't long after that mom told us the good news. I had a sister!

One of the funniest memories I have of Alex is when she started school. I wanted her to be the cutest little girl in her class. I would pick out her outfits (usually frilly dresses), and plan the way I thought her hair should look. Of course mom never let her go to school in those dresses, but a boy could dream!

I did succeed in one thing. I would talk her into letting me put curlers in her hair the night before. I thought I was a pro, but I had no idea about how those things worked. I would brush Alex's hair, wrap the curlers in it the best I could and send her off to bed. Bless her heart. I can't believe I made her sleep in those things. I couldn't wait to wake up the next morning to see how it turned out. Unfortunately, it was usually a giant mess of hair that my mom would have to end up taming on her own.

I eventually gave up on the curler thing, but that's still something she and I giggle about to this very day.

I love you Alex. Have a great birthday!

I'll chat with ya'll soon!

Love, Josh

Alex and I after a rather successful hair venture with the crimper.

Alex with her Barbies, that I named and dressed myself!


Bill Fogle said...

One of your best blog entries in months. I just loved the story & photos.

You know, I think you should do something biopgraphical, writing and using those old photos. Of course, that's me speaking, the Queen of Retrospection. But I just think you should keep going with something like what you did here today.

And I have good hunches, so listen up b*tch. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!!

Rick Watson said...

Happy Birthday Alex! The baby is a living doll!

Well, Kim Middleton in reality has given birth to (3) girls! heee

Casey said...

Ha at Rick.

I think it would've been fun to have had a little sister! I just had an older brother & I wasn't interested in the things he was most of the time. I'd rather have been playing with barbies.