Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kennedi Lately

Hey Bloggy Friends!

Here are some pictures my Mom sent me today of my niece, Kennedi. I was sitting in the Tech Center, finishing up a project, when her email came through. It was just what I needed to give my afternoon that extra boost.

She's getting so big, and cuter by the day. I wish I was there to give her a big hug.

I hope everyone is having a nice day. My week is going by pretty smoothly so far. I'm basically taking each day as it comes, knocking out assignment after assignment as they're due dates approach. All I keep thinking is, "four more weeks, four more weeks!"

Hearing me talk, you'd think I was miserable here. Don't get me wrong, I really am enjoying my time at school. I'm just starting to realize it would do me well to take a bit of a mental break. It'll come soon enough. I love school, and I am so thankful to be here.

I have a little bit of a story to tell you when I have more time. As a little teaser, I'll mention that I was let go from my internship yesterday. As for the drama-filled details, you'll have to return for that!

Have a great day. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh


Rick Watson said...

awwwwww! i wanna hold her!!!

Bloggy Friend Bill said...


Yeah well now I DO feel out of your life Anastasia. Whut up with the internship gurl?!

Mnowac said...

Ohhhhh what a cutie.

Casey said...

Very cute. She is growing.

Cant wait to hear the story!!!