Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail.

Happy Easter Bloggy Friends!

Growing up, Easter was a big deal around our household. I used to think of it as a "second Christmas." We would get presents from the Easter Bunny, get together with the family for dinner, and of course it revolved around Jesus, so we always went to church. As I've gotten older, though, Easter has slowly become less of a big deal. We don't do much around here to celebrate, but we'll make a nice dinner and maybe have a nice dessert, with the excuse that "it's a holiday!" I'm not sure what Easter is like where you are, but I hope this day is bringing you lots of happiness and fulfillment.

We had a very nice weekend. I hope you did too. Friday night after work we met up with some friends at a newer bar/restaurant in the Gayborhood called KNOCK. We had a great time. By the way, what a week it has been for us gays! Two states, Iowa and Vermont, voted to overrule bans on gay marriage. Two in one week! I didn't even know they were considering it, but what a pleasant surprise it was when I found out. I have good feelings about where our country is going as far as issues regarding the gays is concerned. Good for you Iowa and Vermont. You rock, rock, rock! If gay marriage is legalized in your state will you get married? I think we will.

Saturday the weather was dreadfully wet and gloomy, but it was brightened by a little time with Jude. We met her at T-Bar for a cup of tea, and then went to see a play that I won't mention, at a theater company I also won't mention. I'm not going to mention it, because I didn't enjoy it. I didn't walk away with a single feeling, except that I was glad it was over. That's all I'll say about that. It was great to see you Jude!

Later that evening Alan and I had sushi at a restaurant on South Street called Gaja Gaja. I'm happy to say that this is the best sushi we've had so far in Philadelphia. There isn't really anything special about the place. It's very run of the mill, but we both enjoyed it immensely. It's so refreshing, because we have had such a hard time finding decent sushi. In San Francisco you couldn't get away from it. We miss that.

After dinner we went to a popular vegetarian restaurant in the area, called Govinda's, for dessert. We had a piece of vegan, chocolate raspberry cake. It was delicious! Our friend Red came by to keep us company while we stuffed our face. It was fun.

Today the weather was great. It was a little windy, and a little chilly, but the sun was shining as bright as it could be. We did our usual chores, despite the fact many of our usual spots were closed for the holidays. We also hit up an open house, did some thrift shopping and had coffee. It's been a great afternoon.

I hope you guys had fun too. This has been quite a week for me. I have yet to hear from my teacher, but I'm giving up on that. I did what I could, and if she doesn't respond, then so be it. I don't have time for drama like that. Can I get an Amen? Somebody? Please?

Below I am attaching a few pictures of my Easter in 1983. I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful evening. I'll chat with you very soon.



Me being surprised at what the Easter Bunny left!

I loved that Star Wars action figure carrying case!

Derek with his little stuffed bunny rabbit.

Scoping out the goods!

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt. I love how Dad is sportin' the short shorts!

Check out my clown piggy bank. Yea!


Bloggy Friend Bill said...

I love the pictures, Josh. Thanks for posting.

I remember Easter as OK, especially going to Easter dawn service at church and scooping up potted lillies my grandmother had paid for (I guess she bought them to sit in the church window during Easter week). But mine wasn't the fun-a-rama yours and Derek's was.

Bloggy Friend Bill said...

Oh and I didn't miss that tiny bit about you guys getting married if PA made it possible. My heart leapt for a sec.

JC said...

My Easter was much like yours as well, when I was a kid. I am glad about the marriage thing too. And yes I give you an Amen on that one. I will never forget my most dreaded college professor/advisor! Dr. Roberson! What a jerk! Take care and keep us posted!