Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching Up: My Internship

Greetings Bloggy Friends!

I hope you're having a nice day. What's the weather like where you are? It has been rainy in Philadelphia, but the sky looks promising today. I have a little time before I have to get ready for school, so I thought I'd stop in and do a little more catching up.

I mentioned before that I began an internship at WRTI, a listener-supported radio station here in Philadelphia. I've been there for three weeks now, and I'm enjoying it. I was a little intimidated the first day I walked in, though. When I entered the news room for the first time, there was a paper lying on the desk with my name on it. It was basically a story I had to research, write, and find an interview for - and my deadline was in three hours! I felt a little like I was being tossed in with the wolves, but I went at it full speed ahead. What else could I do? With the help of some of the anchors/reporters, I found my way through it. Now I don't worry so much. I go in, get my story and do what I can to find a good soundbite for the sixty second package. The story is then aired the following day. I have a chance to practice my interviewing skills by talking to a variety of people, on a variety of topics. It's exciting. I know I am gaining a wealth of experience by being here. I appreciate the opportunity so much. If I have to be honest, though, I don't think it's what I want to do when I graduate. The format is a little too "newsy" for me. There is no room for opinion. It's a very dry, straight-forward script. That's just not my cup of tea, but it is good to have the experience.

I go in on Monday and Friday mornings, for three hours at a time. My day usually starts out by calling around to authorities who can provide relevant comments on the stories I am given. I've called the Mayor's office, company executives, congress people, and even the Governor's office. I record the interview, find the best soundbite (also called an "actuality") and write a script around it. In the business, this kind of package is called a "wrap." The actuality is surrounded by text, kind of like a veggie wrap. Get it? I'm really starting to feel like I know what it will feel like to be out of school and out on the job. It's promising!

I hope you all have a great day. Thanks for sharing this time with me.

Love, Josh


Mnowac said...

It definitely sounds like a good experience. I could totally see you being in radio for a living!

Edro Edro said...

You sound so important, Mammy! When does your hard-hitting expose on Cold Water air?

marcs501tim said...

The Sun is out and bright in Fresno, CA but it has been rainy and stormy and more rain is coming friday. But that is good because we are @ about 75% of normal percepitation. So let it rain let it rain let rain...hehehe
As for ur raido gig, way kewl experience, but I agree with you, you need something that will allow your creative side to shine!
Thanks 4 today's Sunny Update! Give Allen and the babies a hug and a Big SMile from me! Have a Great Day! Love&SMiles Tim

Casey said...

Wow, that would be a daunting task on your very first day with such a tight deadline. Glad you worked it out.

It sounds like you are getting some good experience at least with the internship. After all my journalism classes & assignments in college, I gave up any thought of being a reporter... just wasnt what I wanted to do forever--not there are many things I do want to do! haha

Keep up the good work!

Bloggy Friend Bill said...

You're SO cute.

Wow - I'm impressed by you calling around to all those offices. Congress(wo)men? OK, that's an "actuality." Yeah, I think you scored with the internship. How did you get it? Was there competition?

Your life sounds great, a lot different than San Francisco (tho I didn't know much about your life there before you moved). Things do seem to be following a L-T plan for you, and you seem happy about it all. Good! Your life seems very ambitious right now. I can imagine you talking over your plans and goals with Alan.

I'm just very imaginative ;^)

Bloggy Friend Bill said...

And ... can you believe there is still a little blue dead-head icon on this page (at "Followers") with my name on the mouseover?! How do you kill that?! My head isn't blue.

Anonymous said...

eat a sandwich!

Rick Watson said...

Wow! more peek a boo into the kitchen area at your new place! i've been begging for a video tour, but haven't seen it yet! when do we get the tour? it looks so nice!

is it news that's not your style, or journalism in general?

Anonymous said...

Hello Josh,
I'm with Rick, I'd like to see your place. The Kitchen looks great, a hecka bigger that #305 !!
Philly really sounds like fun,
and full of opportunities. Yes,
media should be your gig, yeah
radio won't see you huge smile, but
that looks like a great start.
I just thought I'd check in on your blog, I've been busy still here in's been a cold
winter, and too much rain for me
and my lil' Honda CRX.