Monday, January 19, 2009

A Dream Come True.

Happy MLK Day, Bloggy Friends!

I hope you're having a good one. I'm cherishing this day for several reasons. Not only is it the eve of a major historic occasion, but it's also my very last day of winter vacation. Tomorrow I hit the books again! I think it will be a rewarding semester. I'm looking forward to all the new things I'm going to learn.

I am so excited for the inauguration tomorrow. Thankfully, the class that meets during the actual swearing-in decided to cancel. I'll be able to run home to watch his speech before jetting back to campus for my final two classes. It's going to be a lot of hassle, but I wouldn't miss it for the world! It will be such a monumental day in our nation's history. This is the type of progress I live for. I wasn't around when Martin Luther King was preaching out for Civil Rights in the 1960's, but I am proud to say that I am here to see his dream come true. Tomorrow it's happening in a major way. Yes we can!

I know Washington D.C. is seeing a surge in activity right now. Bill and Gary, have you guys noticed a change in the city over the last few days? More traffic? People on the street? An excitement in the air? All eyes are on you guys right now!

Before I leave I want to share with you another video from the wonderfully creative mind of Mr. Bill Fogle. He has made the first part in a video series chronicling gay man's obsession with the past. In the first segment, entitled "High Heels," he talks about his own obsession with the swing era of the 1940's and 50's. It's an interesting topic. Sometimes I find myself fantasizing about what life would have been like in the past, particularly the 1960's. I love the style of that era - the music, the fashion, the colorful, futuristic home decor. It seems like it would have been such an exciting time to be alive.

I hope you all have a great day. I'll chat with you soon!

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

Thanks, as always, for your support of my videos! This one left the lab with more than the usual number of glitches, not the least of which is that some very low-contrast images were lost!!! Golly.

We used to live five blocks from the Capitol! It was a neat old apartment. Anyway, now as you know we're somewhat removed from downtown DC. I'll let Gary report on what he is seeing down there, as he works right downtown. I work right here in the dining room. I do think the fact that MLK day and this unique inauguration are back to back is exciting. And yes, I do feel stuck right in the middle of a page of history ... the first page of a new chapter, no less. It's a great feeling.

I'm starved. What's for lunch?

Casey said...

I'm excited about the inauguration too. Good luck with the school semester. I'm sure you will do great yet again.

Bill's video was really good. I'm anxious to see Part 2.

Rick Watson said...

I've never been to DC, but it's on my list of things to do. Now that Obama is in office it's becoming more attractive to me.

Bill, loving the video! and of course, loving the high heels!!

Edro Edro said...

How exciting today is! Enjoy it it, Mammy!

Good luck with your new classes.

Follick Photography said...

im watching right now. my kids are not so happy with history being made...they want to see Dora and SpongeBob =P

Anonymous said...

I have always felt the same Josh. I always thought the 60's seemed like a fun time. I also thought living during the times of Laura Ingalls Wilder would have been interesting. Well maybe just to visit and then come back to reality. LOL! I hope you keep Bill's video's coming because I don't like to start something and not finish. LOL! I hope your keeping warm! Give us a shout sometime soon.