Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Shout-Out: My Mom!

Good afternoon, Bloggy Friends!

Today is a very special day in my life. It's the day my mother was born in 1958. Please join me in wishing her the best birthday ever. One of the earliest memories I have of my mom is the way she used to wave to people. I guess you could call it a finger wave. Whenever she saw someone she knew she would twinkle her fingers at them in a gesture of hello. In this particular memory we were standing in the kitchen of my first home on a warm Kentucky day. The sun was shining brightly through the window as she gracefully twinkled her fingers at my grandfather, who had just pulled up outside. I was mesmerized by that finger wave. I thought she was so beautiful. Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you.

Can you believe we have already completed our first full week of 2009? Even more unbelievable is the fact that we have nearly finished the entire first decade of the 21st century. It goes by so fast. Is there anything we can do to slow it down? They say time flies when you're having fun. Maybe we should try to sit around and be bored all the time. I guess that would kind of suck.

What all have you been up to so far in 2009? As you know I'm still on my winter break from school. I've been doing pretty much what I thought I'd do. I'm still reading "Mississippi Sissy," by Kevin Sessums. I'm loving it. I've also recorded a ton of old movies from TCM that I've been watching each day. Yesterday I watched a good one directed by Orson Welles called "The Magnificent Ambersons." It is a movie adapted from the Booth Tarkington novel of the same name. Aside from all that I've been taking walks outside, surfing the Internet and playing with the pets. It's been a nice break, but I'll be ready to get back to school when that day rolls around. I'm expecting a pretty busy semester.

When I went home for Christmas I returned with a ton of family photos that I intend to scan onto my computer. Seeing all of Bill's fascinating family pictures inspired me to want a collection of my own. I'm sure I'll be sharing some of them with you as the year goes by. One fun thing I thought about doing was to start a new Bloggy series with old school photographs. I want to scan pictures from my yearbooks, so I can share with you some stories I have from that particular year in school. I'll go in chronological order so you can get a kick out of how I've developed over the years. I'll start that soon, so stay tuned!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day. It's bright and sunny in Philadelphia. I love it. Take care. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh

P.S. Below is a picture of my mother during her senior year of high school in 1976. This was only a few years before I was born. She was a cheerleader. Notice any similarities with the top picture? She still poses with that hand on her hip!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. M. (or Josh's mom)!!!! I want to make to sure to address you correctly because you are older than me ... by 18 months! Ha-ha.

Most of the writing and creative work I have done since 2000 is about my mother. Each mother/child relationship is different, and I think the relationships between people of my generation and their own children today are different than what existed between my generation and our parents. I never emailed my mother. Though someone once gave her a printed page from a Jobriath fan site that mentioned me. She was livid!

Josh you look just like your mom. The 2007 Christmas video done at her place made me feel very sentimental.

The photos idea sounds great! You know I will love those old family photos!!! In life, we want what we do not already have. I miss my family, which was taken from me while I was rather young. I think it is a remarkable personality trait that you can celebrate your parents and siblings while they are still so much a part of your life. You'll never regret it.

luv4piggy said...

I am still fighting the cold.

i hope it goes away soon.

i am tired of it.

i have not watch any TV this year.

i watch everything online.

tell yr mum happy birthday

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Rick Watson said...

happy birthday mommie!

Edro Edro said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Kim! Hope you had a great day!