Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

I hope you're having a nice Tuesday. I'm up bright and early. The sun is shining on Philadelphia today. Yay!

Today I want to share one of our latest video projects in my audio/visual newsgathering class. In this particular assignment we were asked to conduct an on-camera interview. We decided to interview the mother of one of my group members, Trenae. She is a breast cancer survivor. We thought it would be a nice, inspirational story so share. I took the job as the reporter, Trenae did the camerawork and Chelsea did the editing. I hope you enjoy!

Have a great afternoon. I have a full lecture day ahead of me. Woo-hoo! Talk to ya soon.

Love, Josh


Rick Watson said...

Wow! great reporting! inspiring story!

btw.... (WHO did you hair?? THAT is some BIG hair!)

Casey said...

I agree with Rick about the interview. Good job.

I actually enjoyed lecture days in college. Hope you do too!

Anonymous said...

She has a good, sturdy attitude about everything.