Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Somethings.

Good, Sunday evening, Bloggy Friends!

Did you have a nice weekend? I hope so. Ours was busy, but nice nonetheless. I didn't get in the R&R I've come to expect out of my weekends, but a nice visit from a good friend made it all worth while.

Rand (formerly known as Randy), a friend from my days in Los Angeles, flew in on a red-eye Friday morning. After my radio show, I picked him up and we spent the short time he had here running around the city. We allotted most of the day Friday to touring around Center City. We both love to walk, so I took him from our apartment on 13th and South, to Rittenhouse Square and then to Old City. We ducked into a few stores, and stopped for a few pictures, but the majority of the time was spent talking. We caught each other up on everything that has been going on in our lives lately. We keep in touch through email, but there's only so much you can relate there. It was really great to spend some one on one time with a person that I have shared so many memorable experiences with in the past.

When Alan finished work, we met him back at home in Manayunk. After a little refreshing at home, we walked to Main Street, to have some mediocre sushi, at a restaurant called Hikaru. We have yet to find great sushi in Philadelphia, but we still go because we love it so much. At Hikaru we had a few glasses of wine, and reminisced on old times. Rand's birthday was last Thursday, so after dinner we went to Manayunk Diner for a piece of cake (or two). I persuaded the waiters to sing "Happy Birthday" to Randy before the three of us shared a piece of carrot and german chocolate cake. It was a nice night.

Saturday Rand planned to take a bus to NYC, so we awoke early and headed downtown. I had to meet two friends at the Reading Terminal to finish a project for school, so I took that opportunity to show him that integral part of the city. We hung around there for a few hours, before he had to leave to catch his Chinatown bus. I had to spend the rest of the afternoon at the Tech Center on campus, finishing our project. It was a long and tedious affair, but we wrapped it up before the tech center closed. Alan met me downtown for dinner, then we headed home to CRASH.

Today we did our chores, and I spent a lot of time studying for a History mid-term I have tomorrow. You should have seen the delicious dinner Alan prepared for Salmon Sunday. This week he flavored the fish with rosemary and lemon. It was complimented with steamed beets, spinach salad and Israeli couscous. Yum! It literally melted in my mouth. I mourned when I was finished, because I wanted more!

So, as you can see, there wasn't a lot of downtime this weekend. If my feet weren't
scurrying around the city with Rand, my brain was moving around six chapters in my History textbook. I can't complain, though. I had a chance to spend time with a good friend, and learn valuable information that will keep me afloat in an intense historical conversation one day. Next weekend promises to be another busy one. The movers are coming bright and early Saturday morning to move our things into our new apartment. We will spend the week packing the small things in boxes, and trying to remember all the places we need to change our address. I can't wait to get settled in on 13th and South!

I hope you've all had a great weekend. I plan on getting together a short video of Rand's visit soon. Look out for that! I'll chat with you guys next week!

Love and Colin Powell,



Rick Watson said...

Girl, I spent a lot of time last night and today doing the 'change of address' thing. May I give you some pointers? Some of these I've never done before, so they may be new to you as well...

1) IRS Form 8822 to officially change your address with the government. You can download and print it.
2) State of PA Form (download and print) to change your address for voting purposes, so your name will be moved to your new precinct.
3) I went through my ID/Password List that I keep handy on an Excel spreadsheet to identify places to change address.
4) USPS Online address change. (no form necessary) You do have to pay $1 to prove identity with a credit card.
5) All your magazines and catalogs
6) All your credit cards
7) Of course, notify all your friends and family
8) Notify Temple U
9) Health Insurance
10) Student Loan people
11) Car Insurance
12) etc etc etc

Girl I know you know the drill, I'm just spouting off stuff just in case you may forget something!

Ohhh and your driver's license!

The IRS Form 8822 takes care of your SS stuff as well.

Casey said...

R&R has to take the backseat sometimes. If nothing else, you're going to qualify as an expert in historical Philadelphia. I'm proud that I contributed to that!!! :)

I cant wait to see & hear about the new apt.

scareykatt said...

sounds like a great weekend u guys have with your friend!

yesterday was HELL with Miguel.

Today was much better with him.

We made some Devil's Food cupcakes; it was tasty.

We watched old shows, Sanford & Son and All Stars Family Feud on TV.

It was a very relaxing day.

Have a great week.

Edro Edro said...

Sounds like a good visit.

Good luck with your midterms!

That's quite a nice pole. =)

Anonymous said...

Just can't say enuf how impressed I am with Alan's serving beets and couscous. Wow, You guys eat so well. I do get tired of fish easily tho.

And, just how shitfaced are you in all the photos?! Wish I had been with you!!!