Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Phillies! *Updated*

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

No, you didn't stumble across the wrong blog. It's really me, doing something you never thought I'd do, a sports post! My dad will be proud. Casey has gotten to me. Puss has her panties in a wad!

Last night the Phillies won the World Series (or the Super Bowl?)! After winning five games in the playoffs against the Tampa Rays. They won the final game 4 to 3. During the past few weeks, as the playoffs were being played, we would hear loud cheers whenever the Phillies won a game. When they would wake us late in evening, we would know the Phillies were victorious. I had mentally prepared myself for what I figured would come last night. I didn't watch the game, but when the familiar screams became three times louder, as Alan and I were sitting on the couch, I knew they were the champions! Instantly fireworks were erupting, car horns were blowing, people were running from their homes screaming their heads off!

Alan and I watched, from our third floor window on South Street, as the streets were suddenly flooded with gleeful fans. Most of them were dressed in red jerseys and baseball caps. Many had white turtlenecks underneath to help shield themselves from the bone-chilling cold. People were running up to strangers, hugging, jumping and laughing. Car loads of people hanging out the window would drive by giving high fives to anyone who would take them. What began as an annoyed feeling quickly turned into "aw, that's sweet." I was so touched by the sense of togetherness I saw below me. These people were so happy. They loved one another so much. It was nice. I tried to think of a time I felt that much excitement. I think it was when Halle Berry won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2004.

The intense celebration went on for a really long time. The noise level held solid for a good two hours before Alan and I popped in ear plugs and went to bed. I know their final destination was Broad Street, because they kept chanting, "Broad Street, Broad Street," but I'm not sure what happened there. I assume the players rode down Broad, towards City Hall, to greet the horde of admiring fans. I also assume a lot of people called into work this morning, many suffered brutal hangovers, and I wouldn't doubt it if there were a few babies made!

I was thrilled to experience this exciting night in Philadelphia. I just had to share it with you. I put together a quick video of what was going on in the street. I'll try to upload it on YouTube with this slow connection we still have. The Internet guy is supposed to be coming back today. I hope it goes well this time. Check back later in the day for an update, with the video attached!

How did I do on my first sports post? I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day. I'll talk to ya soon. Go Phillies!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

HA! I wondered if you would have a post on this. I love it. I didnt watch any of the games, but I'm glad to hear of the result.... and glad you got to experience the street-craziness.

Anonymous said...

The only baseball game I ever attended was a Phillies game in the stadium in Philadelphia. My mother used to put pressure on my oldest half-brother Jimmy (he was 14 years older than me!!!) to try and turn me into a man. So we went fishing a couple of times, and once to this game. I was probably 10 or 12. The rest of the time I asking him for money to buy Cinderella coloring books. I loved Cinderella.

Your post reminded me of one of a handful of the scariest moments in my life: walking down Pine Street in CC on New Year's day. Drunk people yelled at me from cars and threw cans.

Rick Watson said...

OMG! Bill, what drama surrounds you!

ohh, yeah... go phillies! >>>eye roll<<<

Anonymous said...

Rick you bitch ;)

Josh, your primero sports blog was fabulous. You R a jock, gurl!

That video scared the pants off my drama queen butt.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I loved the Benny Goodman at the beginning. Very "baseball era" music.

Rick Watson said...

OMG! Such animals! At first I thought I was watching "The Thriller" video!!!!! Scary!

Anonymous said...

Alot like the Anti-War protests
on Dolores Street ay Josh + Allan !! Do you miss um?
Last night quite a big protest
about Prop 8 passing. The streets
were flooded and Helicopters
hoovering abound !!

So, you have your own washer + dryer at your new place ! Wow,
sounds great !

C @ 311