Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time-Warp Tuesday: Mammommy's House

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

We haven't had a Time-Warp Tuesday in a while! Today's video is one that I took in the Spring went I went to Kentucky to visit my family. While at home in Garrard County I stopped by the home my Grandmother lived in before she passed away. I spent a large part of my childhood there, so being back definitely brought back a lot of fond memories. The house has changed a lot, but there was still an aura of familiarity that was undeniably present. I called my grandmother Mammommy. I haven't talked much about her around here, but she is definitely one of the most important influences in my life. She had one of the largest hands in making me who I am today. The aspects about myself that I love the most are usually ones that I attribute to her. She was supportive, loving, and a wonderful role model. She was my very first best friend, and I will never replace the position she still holds in my heart. I could fill up a million posts with fun experiences we had together, but I'll save those for blogs down the road. I hope you enjoy today's short video.

I hope everything is going well where you are. Things have been great here. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment with the beginning of school and the search for the apartment. It's a lot to keep up with mentally, but I'll be ok. At the moment I am having to make time between classes to jet downtown to check out apartments - then I rush back to campus to make it to my class on time. Besides the hectic pace, I am enjoying the process. We have seen several apartments that we really love, but we still want to look around and keep our options a little more open. I'll keep you updated on any new developments!

Have a great night. I'll talk to you soon!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Oh, wow... how emotional to go back to such a special place. That was a really moving video.

I'm so glad you got to peek in the windows of a place that has so much history for you & your family.

Rick Watson said...

What a sweet video Josh. It reminded me of my grandma's (i called her grandmaw) little white country house in Campbellsville KY. I, too, spent a lot of my childhood at grandmaw's house. I have so many vivid memories. Unfortunately, I think the house was destroyed by fire. She rented it after she and Pa moved into town. It's been so long since I've been back there. She and Pa built a little brick home right next door to it where they lived for years too. It's still there, I know for sure. Ahhhh, memories, memories!
>> deep sigh<<

Thanks for sharing! Hang in there with school and good luck on finding your new home in the city!