Saturday, August 9, 2008

Birthday Shout-Out: Whitney!

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Just wanted to drop by for a quick birthday shout-out to our girl, Whitney! She turns 45 years young today.

I'm attaching a video of one of her latest appearances, at the Fashion Rocks awards in London.

Happy birthday, Whitney!

Love, Whitney


Casey said...

Happy Birthday, Whitney!

Please come out with that new album before your 50th birthday, PLEASE!

Rick Watson said...

Wow! Donatella sure is enjoying the moment! Good for Whitney. The diva looks great! I just want to see her belt out one! I miss her like that!

Happy Birthday Whitney!


Anonymous said...

I'v never seen "later" WH stuff other than photos from that weird sort of awards party she attended back in 2006 or something (with Clive Davis?).

I love WH's beauty and her talent. Maybe what I love even more is her willingness to make terrible mistakes because she loved someone, or she wanted privacy ... or freedom from pain.

Like her song, WH makes me "so emotional." I've never been confident that that was a good thing. Like my (longstanding) adoration of Princess Di, people have made fun of me for it. I'm ambigiuous about my own empathetic reactions.

There's something that attracts me to people who are gutsy on a very basic level. This woman is one of those. Happy Birthday Miss God-given Talent. I wish you peace and good living.