Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sugar Surprise!

Good Morning, Bloggy Friends!

So, I didn't mention this in yesterday's post, because I didn't want to let the secret out, but I woke up yesterday morning and decided to throw a spur of the moment surprise part for Alan's birthday! It left me a little frazzled most of the day, because I threw it on myself so suddenly. I wasn't the most prepared party planner on the block, but I had Nicole's help and together we really pulled off a party to be proud of!

About seven of our dearest friends showed up to surprise the socks of of Alan when he arrived home from work. It was so cute! I have never thrown, or been to, one of those parties where people actually jump out and yell "surprise!" I've only seen them in the movies, but after last night, I can officially say I've done it!

It was so much fun. I really appreciate the fact that our friends came on such short notice. It is such a blessing to be in Philadelphia less than a year, and already have such kind, dependable friends. If you're reading, I really appreciate it guys! Alan really appreciated it, too - well, once he got over the initial shock. It was great fun and so good to see everyone.

I have attached a slideshow of pictures below. I believe I'll post a video soon as well. I have to run now, though. We are about to get ready and hit the road for NYC. I'm excited to go back!! Have a great afternoon.

Love, Josh

P.S. Alan wants me to express his gratitude for all the kind birthday wishes yesterday. Thank you all. He wishes you could have all been at the party!! I do too.


Rick Watson said...

Wow! I'm impressed! You rocked it out, especially on short notice! Good for you! I think it's great that your friends all came on such short notice. That's sweet!

I love all the BIG smiles from Alan! Soooo cute!

Have a fabulous NYC trip! Can't wait to hear the details! I wanna go with you, but I'm stuck here in Kentucky, of all places! Ugh! (for now)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Mr Graves!

btw.... the birthday cookies look delicious!!!

Casey said...

That is so awesome! I've never been to or thrown a real "surprise" party. I'm sure it was a big surprise to him.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you remind me so much of me! LOL! The last-minute party is classic Bill. Planning?! Fahgeddit.

Edro Edro said...

looks like a fabulous party! bree vandecamp-hodge would be proud!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love Bree Vandekamp!!!!! Yes, Josh, I agree. Your spread was lovely.