Monday, July 7, 2008

The First Leg!

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

I hope you're having a great afternoon. Things have been pretty crazy around here. Matthew and Aaron arrived Saturday evening, and things have pretty much been on a constant go since then. We've been having a great time, exploring parts of Philly that I haven't even seen yet. We've been dining at some great restaurants, shopping, going out for cocktails, and are making sure to end each evening with a fabulous dance party. We're on our way to NYC as I type. Would you believe I am actually writing from the bus! I love these new technologies. I'm really excited to spend some time in Manhattan. New York City is always a great time. I'm going to try and keep up a daily blog like I did in North Carolina, so stop by and see what's going on if you have the time!

I'm going to cut this short for now, typing from a moving vehicle is actually making me feel a little motion-sick. Have a great day, and enjoy the slideshow of a few snapshots we captured over the past few days.

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

I hope your having a blast on your trip! I am looking forward to seeing all of your photos. I have really wanted to see NYC for a long time. Check out China town. I hear it is unique.


Casey said...

Looking forward to the updates. Sounds like you all are already off to a great start!!

Anonymous said...

I am ... uncharacteristically speechless. I read alot into faces and images, and this is one of those case where I have a billion things I could say but feel like I better say nothing! All speculation. OK. (The guy who I believe is your ex- looks like a movie star but I find myself drawn to the redhead (?), who appears to have a nearly perfect personality.)

Well, so much for my rare silence ;) Y'all have a nice time and be safe. What are the new pictures behind the queen's throne in your sitting room?

I wish I was 28 and single again and could go along with you! WAIT 'til you se my new movie gurl.

Rick Watson said...

Gosh, Fogle, don't hold back! I've never known you to be so abrupt!

Actually, I have some interesting thoughts too, but I'll keep them to myself!

Looks like you girls rocked it out in Philly!